Cycleops Powerbeam Pro ANT

(Michael Minard) #1

It seems that I can’t connect my Cycleops PowerBeam PRO ANT+ trainer to Zwift. I typically need to manually enter the trainer ID in other software used so I don’t believe that it broadcasts its ID. Can anyone offer any direction to help?

The ANT+ dongle does work as Zwift can see and connect to my SRM Crank and Speed/Cadence sensor on my bike.

(Allan Watkins) #2

Tried inching it closer a little? Maybe it’s just slightly out of range? Most folks here use a usb extension cable.

(Scott) #3

Michael - when did you purchase your PowerBeam Pro? It’s possible you have the older version which is actually broadcasting on a proprietary ANT channel (not ANT+). The PowerBeam Pro ANT+ unit we have in the lab works great. Note - we are just receiving power data (watts) and have not implemented resistance control yet.

(Michael Minard) #4

I purchased it just over a year ago and the ANT stick that came with it is labeled as ANT+ and it came with the current Joule GPS computer. My other software on the same computer picks up the unit using the same ANT+ adapter so range shouldn’t be a problem. The ID number is 365 on the unit itself. I think I’ll try again. Did you connect directly to the trainer in the lab?

(David Garrett) #5

I’m having the same issue.I can’t see my PowerBeam Pro. I assume mine is ANT+ as well since my USB stick is labeled ANT+

(Minuteman R.C. Scruffy) #6

Same issue. Zwift sees all Ant+ devices except my Powerbeam.

(Phil Tischler (SCU)) #7

I have the same issue. Bought the Powerbeam Pro Nov. 2012. Any chance of getting Zwift to work with the older model? Other 3rd party apps have done it (i.e., PerfPro pairs and perfectly controls my trainer)?

(Phil Tischler (SCU)) #8

I got a work around. Somewhere in my travels I downloaded the “Powerbeam Pro Output” utility which will output the power numbers. See the following for reference:

See “” - post #62. (Note: the link to the utility doesn’t work anymore)

It takes one dongle to do the conversion/output. I then used another dongle to work with the Zwift application. Did a successful quick test just now.

Let me know if you are interested in the utlility. It’s about 802 kb zipped up.

(Stephen Heylings) #9

Same problem here. @PhilTischler I would be interested to try the workaround you suggest. Are you able to the zip somewhere? Many thanks.

(Phil Tischler (SCU)) #10


I uploaded the file here:

hopefully you’ll be able to grab the file.

I so wish Zwift would talk to Saris CycleOps about this. I am contemplating sending my Powerbeam Pro back to them to get a firmware update that would allow the power numbers to be transmitted over the normal ant+ stream

(Stephen Heylings) #11

Very many thanks - I look forward to trying it out when the second ANT+ key arrives. DCRainmaker has suggested in his blog that it was a quick fix for the likes of PerfPro and other third party apps… here’s hoping Zwift pick up the phone to them soon…

(Phil Tischler (SCU)) #12

I am not holding my breath for Zwift as I am sure they are really busy. I think Zwift is still working on not just reading from the Powerbeam, but eventually controlling the trainer. I don’t know if that would be possible with using this utility. I just spoke to Joanna Gellerman at Saris and got an RMA number. I will send my trainer back for an update (when the weather is a little more cooperative here in Pennsylvania)

(Stephen Heylings) #13

I did read that Zwift was working on the controller part for the Powerbeam, although, understandably, it wasn’t currently a priority. I too am looking into getting the firmware updated on my Powerbeam, alhtough being based in the UK it would mean shipping all 4kg of it to the US and back… which for a software update is somewhat frustrating. Out of interest, is Sairs requiring you to pay the shipping from Penn?

(Phil Tischler (SCU)) #14

Yes I pay for getting it there, they pay for the return. On a good note, they will do a overhaul/recalibration of the resistance unit (I told them it read about 15w higher then my Powertap). I also questioned them about both tightening mechanisms (at the skewer and at the wheel). They said to send them in too for evaluation. They might just upgrade the lever-type mechanism for the wheel to the newer knob type.

(Phil Tischler (SCU)) #15

I just got to figure out how to detach all 3 from the frame

(Stephen Heylings) #16

Thanks again and apologies to Michael for hijacking this tread!

(Kiko Piai) #17

Guys, if you have Garmin Connect installed in the laptop, you need to close it (do not leave it running in the background, you need to quit it), otherwise you won’t be able to connect any app in the laptop to the powerbeam.