Cycleops M2 is compatible with zwift?

(Alan Bianco) #1

Hi! I want to know if Cycleops M2 is supported and change resistance in Zwift?

Thanks all!

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

Here is the Zwift hardware list:

(Alan Bianco) #3

M2 is not there…so, is not supported?

(G reenfritos(SVCG)) #4

Cyclops website say the M2 is “Zwift Certified” I’d be very surprised that it didn’t work with Zwift since it replaced a trainer that worked fine with it in full control mode. If you are looking at a wheel on trainer for Zwift, the Kickr Snap is rated as the top for that. You could maybe even find a used one on CL now that people are upgrading for a lower price with only a season’s use.