CycleOps Hammer

(Derek Rush [Race3R]) #141

Brian, I went the same route as you. It was a smart move. I’ll never buy another Cycleops product again, whether they fixed the problems with the Hammer or not.


(Paul Stagg (GDW)) #142

I have commented on here about my hammer, it has since gone for repair, now, with the firmware update I have to say it’s running well. I feel I need to say that in terms of being fair. We are always quick to bad mouth products. Would I buy or recommend it - probably not.


(G rumpyPat) #143

My Hammer sounds like it has rocks tumbling around inside it, only after it’s been ridden on for a bit. When I first start out it’s normal. I was in touch with Saris and they diagnosed it as a bad freehub (even though I knew that wasn’t it). I installed the freehub and it still made the noise, and I sent them the video. The response I got was that it was belt noise and it wouldn’t hurt the performance or longevity of the trainer. They were working on a way to change belts in the field and there is no time table for it. I wasn’t happy with the response. The shop I got it from is having me bring it in tomorrow. After seeing the video the owner and head mechanic agreed that it sounded awful and were going to try to warranty it. Between having to get a crank power meter to make it work without drop outs and now this I’m regretting not getting a kicker.


(Mark) #144

Add me to the list of Hammer owners bringing this back for a Kickr. Dropouts about once a week for me. Connecting via bluetooth. I update the firmware religiously. Too bad. Glad my retailer backs everything they sell. 


(John Carpenter) #145

I can say my experience has been a 180 since the last firmware upgrade. Not a single dropout and steep gradient changes like the escalator have transitioned perfectly.

I still get the occasional snapping noise but that has become very infrequent since changing to a Ti frame (don’t know why). My warranty just expired so I doubt that issue will ever get fixed.

Should the drive mechanism fail someday I’ll replace the trainer with something else, but for now the riding experience is very enjoyable. I am running it on ANT+ not bluetooth.


(Joe Frost 2045) #146

Mine too has been good since the last update. At least so far :slight_smile:


(Ed Jenkins 67SEA) #147

The last update has cured a number of issues. When my machine was new I had the same popping as mentioned in many post but for some time it is gone. I think it is related to break in of the trainer. The one issue I would like to solve is calibration. Once we get this the trainer will be as good as it could be. 


(William Dooley) #148

I must say that Cyclops Hammer has been nothing but a problem, with power dropouts and lagging power, since day one of buying this thing over a year ago.  I have been very patent waiting for the infrequent firmware updates just to still have the same issues.  Contacted customer support and that was a experience in itself.  After about 20 or so emails back and forth and requesting more and more information every time.  The final straw was they needed a video of the zwift ride to determine what I had be telling them for the entire time.  They finally said they would fix it under warranty.  

We’ll see.

Will never by a Cycleops product again.