CycleOps Hammer

(Ed Jenkins 67SEA) #101

Not sure how many servers they have around the world but they use a cloud computing facility like Yahoo or ? These servers keep track of each individual rider. During hi load periods I have noticed slower responses and inconsistent resistance. I believe these problems are on Zwift not your machine… in my case the Hammer.


(Nigel ) #102

You can ride Zwift offline i.e. not connected to the Internet (provided you start off connected). The lag responding to terrain changes is still there on the Hammer riding Zwift offline.

I would suggest Hammer owner contact Cycleops by email / support ticket. The more that complain the sooner they may do something about it. They seem oblivious to the lag issues.


(Paul) #103

Currently there are are 178 results regarding lag if you search.  I’ve found several references to a lag of about four seconds affecting other trainers.  There is an article about multiple trainer options that might shed some light on the problem of this lag.  Power dropouts are, to me, more problematic.  I upgraded my inernet connection and saw no real improvement.  I’ve tried getting power and cadence from a Stages meter while making the Hammer just a controllable load.  At times things seem to work better but other times they seem worse.  Right now I am not racing so it is only a “feature” but when racing it is a major annoyance.  The thing is I’ve experienced the same things using Rouvy when there is a large gradient change.  Both the lag and the apparent power dropout.   My thinking is that that there are multiple systems interacting that contribute to the issues.  Nevertheless, I think we should all put a bug in Cycleops ear again as Nigel is advocating.   


(Brian Chase) #104

I agree with Paul and Nigel.  More voices are needed.  I posted a popular review on Amazon in 2016 and will update it again today. 

Power dropouts make it tough to do races or fast group rides on Zwift.  I have tried everything that has been suggested and the zero watt dropouts keep appearing.  My theory is that the hardware and method the Hammer uses to measure the strain gauge is somehow not able to adjust to slack when changing gears under load.  I suggested to Cycleops that they put a slower software decay on the falloff of the wattage output to help but they didn’t seem too interested in a customer making random suggestions like that.

I still believe it can be fixed but it’s been almost a year so far…





(Nigel ) #105

Brian the last firware upgrade reduced the power dropouts significantly. Are you running that? Both Chad McNeese and myself have experienced power dropping to zero since the update, Chad more so than myself. I’ve just had it attacking the S’s on Watopia. I used to get the drop going up the escalator on the London course but not since the update. Most of the time I use my power meter as the power source so the power dropping doesn’t occur. The lag is a pain in the arse and now that Cycleops trainers are being sold by Zwift you would think the 2 of them could sort out these issues.


(Brian Chase) #106

Nigel, I am running the the most recent 31.036 update.  The escalator seems a bit better at times but I still have problems at other places including the S’s all the time. I am not using a power meter on this winter bike so it’s all up to the Hammer.


(Paul) #107

In my last post I mentioned that there is an article about multiple trainer options.–64792d30372a205a092c6e3499072f699a373e9a

Essentially it describes all of the problems we have been experiencing assuming we are using the wrong ANT+ Protocols.  If the Controllable Trainer, Power Source (and possibly the Cadence Sensor too) are all selected as SARIS FE-C 17061 the newer ANT+ protocols are selected. 

I just tried this tonight and it seemed to fix my Lag issue incredibly well.  Additionally I did not see any power drop outs on sharp gradient changes.  (fingers are crossed that it doesn’t pop up again.)   I did notice that the Avatar cadence didn’t look right, but the feel in response to terrain changes was marvelous.   I tried messing with the trainer realism and things seemed to work the way I would expect.

I did experience a weird problem where the Zwift indicated that I was putting out 143 watts without pedaling after making in game changes.  This is likely because the trainer needed to be restarted (unplug power wait a bit reconnect power).   I then did a spin down calibration and rode a while tonight.

I’m optimistic.

I’ll report back if this is or is not a stable solution.  Let us know if this helps

12/10/17 addendum: I’ve been using this solution for a week or so and it seems to work very well for me.  If anyone else has tried these remedies and resolved their problem, or not, it would be nice if you could report back.

Otherwise I think I am done with this thread.  Thanks and good luck to you all…



(Philip) #108

Thank you, Paul, for noting this advice from the post.  I’ll try it as well.


(Christopher Graham) #109

I continue to have the power drops to 0 watts on steep gradient changes (ie going from a flat/downhill section immediately into a steep uphill section) despite the latest firmware updates and attempts at solutions mentioned throughout this article.

I spoke with Cycleops today and they reported they’re aware that their latest firmware update didn’t fix the issue and that they continue to work on it, with no definitive timeline set for a fix.  I also have a support ticket out with Zwift with log/activity files sent off to them.

As happy as I’ve been with Cycleops products in the past, the Hammer at this point prevents you from being competitive while racing on Zwift due to the power drop outs.  Looking into returning it for another direct drive trainer.


(Derek Rush [Race3R]) #110

I could use some help guys.

I’ve been experiencing some issues with the Hammer on Zwift. Whenever you’re running a high cadence and suddenly ease off, the power drops out, and I keep finding myself a 0w for a couple seconds.

I contacted Cycleops about this and did what they told me to do: I upgraded the firmware on the Hammer. I should have left well enough alone. I could have dealt with the occasional power drop outs I was experiencing, but now, after the damn firmware update, the power numbers are bouncing all over the place, and making a mess out of my workouts. I nearly drove myself mad today watching the flashing on-screen warnings while in workout mode on Zwift: More Power! Less Power! When the workout called for 260 watts, for example, (and this is in ERG mode, btw) I watched the power bouncing constantly from over 300w down to 168w, even though I was keeping the cadence at a steady 90 rpm.

This is totally unexceptionable! I didn’t ditch my Magnus and go out and spend $1200 on a top-of-the-line Hammer to have to deal with this crap.

Perhaps someone knows of a way to revert back to the old firmware that came with the Hammer?


(Ed Jenkins 67SEA) #111

Check the speed of your internet connection. When I take my router to where I ride it makes a huge difference. I get 250MB on my internet but where I ride out in my garage it drops to maybe 20mb. When you have a good strong connection the problems go away, not to mention much improved detail on the visuals. 


(Derek Rush [Race3R]) #112

Ed, the laptop is connected to the modem via Ethernet – no WiFi.


(Andrew) #113

No idea how to revert back to old firmware but I have a few ideas.  I haven’t had the same issues with ERG that I have heard from you and another person on FB, but I have only been using Rouvy for ERG.  Additionally, on Zwift I have never had good results with ERG when using the powermeter matching beta.  It’s not very smooth.  However, I did notice a problem with power readings going haywire after the firmware update that seemed to be related to using Zwift Mobile Link.  It seemed like it was confusing things by having both ANT+ and BTLE trying to access the Hammer.  I “solved” the issue by turning the Hammer off, and then restarting Zwift without ZML.  



(Andrew) #114

Regarding the 0w stopping, with the latest firmware I am still finding the avatar stops on the London escalator.  I guess it’s never been a big deal for me since I am almost always using the Quarq for wattage, but I do try to test the Hammer wattage when there is a firmware update.  They haven’t quite hit the mark yet.  It does respond more naturally to grade changes in SIM mode now.


(Derek Rush [Race3R]) #115

Andrew, up until I did the firmware update on Saturday, those neat little blocks I see on the analysis of my rides on Strava are gone, replace instead with a jagged line that looks more like a freeride. So this latest issue is clearly with the latest firmware. I did another calibration yesterday to no avail. Perhaps I’ll try unpairing everything from Zwift and then reconnecting. And that’s a good idea to check if Bluetooth and ANT signals are going out at once; not sure how that would work without the BlueGiga dongle attached to the laptop, though. I can tell you one thing, though, if Cycleops can’t figure this out for me, the Hammer is getting returned to the LBS in exchange for another. Then I’m never doing another firmware update again. That or I might just exchange it for the new Kickr.


(John Carpenter) #116

My Hammer is setup beside my friend’s Neo as we ride together most days at work. I’m not saying the price difference isn’t significant but there is no comparison between the two trainers. He never has to calibrate, he never has lag or wattage issues and he has no noise.

For me every ride is an adventure, my power meter works fine for normal rides but with some bluetooth lag. I have to use the Hammer for ERG training rides as the power meter doesn’t work satisfactorily in that mode and using the Hammer for normal riding on Zwift has the same intermittent problems mentioned above, although mine is better since the firmware update.

I also having the snapping noise that comes and goes without a discernible reason. I’ve removed grease from the hub twice, completely wiped it off and regressed it all without making any difference. The only response I’ve gotten from Saris is to ‘take a  recording of it and email it to us’.

Whenever someone asks me about Zwift the first thing I tell them is, ‘just don’t buy a Cyclops trainer’.


(Derek Rush [Race3R]) #117

John, I have to agree with you there. I started out with a Powerbeam Pro, then got a Magnus, and finally the Hammer. Each has had it’s issues, from tire slippage on the wheel on trainers, to this new wattage issue with the direct-drive. I’m still undecided on what I want to do with the Hammer, but if I’m ever in the market for a new trainer, I plan on avoiding Cyclops. That said, I’m also rather aggravated with the constant issues with Zwift, too. Sometimes I wonder if I’d be better off just getting back to the real world riding; the occasional trip to the ER after getting run over might be less of a hassle.


(Joe Frost 2045) #118

Santa brought me a Hammer to replace my old computrainer from the 1990’s. And today I experience my first “drop outs” (or whatever you call them) where the power goes to zero and my avatar stops riding and puts a foot down. Happened at least a dozen times in a 1 hour ERG workout. I’m on the latest firmware update. Maybe I’ll hold onto the old computrainer until I fiddle with the Hammer for awhile…


(T he Rock 59yoL33) #119

Upgraded to the latest SW released Dec 19.  Rode 40 miles today and had 6 dropouts to zero (Cycleops hammer).  Very very frustrating.  I am with others on this thread at this point… If anybody asks me about my experience with simulators I tell them Zwift is great but buy any smart trainer except for a Cyclops product… Theses issues have been around since March of 2017 and now into 2018, no solution and no global response to what is going on and what is the plan from Cycleops.  If my company had this kind of non communicated customer service, and not fixing major issues, we would be out of business!!! After my ride (while still hot) I calibrated the trainer 3 times using ROUVY.  The spin down times were 21.79, 21.93 and 22.05-- whatever that means…So I am ready for the next ride… are those number stable ? are those good numbers? Does Cycleops say what these numbers should be around? Very frustrating… Have a good ride!!! What i would really like is for cycleops to contact me and send me a certificate where I can return this product and get my money back and go buy a trainer that works,


(Nigel ) #120

Those spin down times are similar to what I get. Strange as it when the app says to stop pedalling it takes a lot longer than 21 seconds. I think in fact the calibration is done when the speed drops to about 18km/h. Doing a spindown using the Trainerroad app is a lot quicker as it’s done when the speed drops to about 18 km/h.

Suggest you file a support ticket with Cycleops. The more people that complain the more likely we’ll get some action.