CycleOps Hammer

(Paul) #81



Sorry to hear about the problems you have encountered. While I am, like you, just a user I have some thoughts to share that may or may not help.  

First, I have owned numerous CycleOps products and you can’t ask for a company the does more to support it’s customers. If you have an actual hardware problem I believe they will take care of you rapidly.

I have had issues with my Hammer trainer when the ANT+ sensors weren’t being detected correctly.  I got an extension for my USB ANT+ dongle and put the sensor close to my trainer which helped a lot.   I’ve found that I have a lot of radio traffic from my router and all of the other 2.4 and 2.5 GHz radio sources that can wreak havoc on the relatively low power ANT+ signals. 

You can also use the Zwift Android App to pick up the Bluetooth signals instead of ANT+. The Zwift folks were really helpful in this regard. They looked at my ride logs (which I had to supply from a directory on my computer) which indicated that I was experiencing a lot of data drop outs locally via ANT+.

I once thought that my trainer had completely died, however, it turned out the power supply had become disconnected.

I had a mechanical problem with the freehub of the trainer. CycleOps provided me with instructions on how to alleviate it. There was way too much grease inside the freehub and the pawls became stuck such that they wouldn’t engage.

I’ve been regularly checking the operation of my Hammer using the Virtual Training software to; calibrate the zero point, calibrate the power sensor and to check for new firmware updates. Have you checked the trainer with this software?

And finally, I’ve just upgraded my internet service this weekend. I was having issues with my connection and was having all sorts of weird behavior between my trainer and Zwift. Try using a connection test program like the Internet Connection Speed Test available online for free.  With much higher connection speeds a lot of the problems I was having have apparently been alleviated although it is early days yet. The lag in power especially on the escalator is still there, however, the avatar stopping on sharp changes in gradient appears to be much better whether using the Hammer Power meter or the Stages Crankarm meter which improvement I am current attributing to the better connection speed.

Here’s hoping that you will resolve you problem quickly and get out and “Hammer” on Zwift.







(Rachel Bertagnoli(DALLAS RACING) (HERD)) #82

I hear you Paul. That’s why I bought the extension cable and everything from Zwift. My Ant+ is 1ft away from the trainer. I’m positive there is no connection issue. However, the the pawls being stuck is possible. But at 3 days old, I wasn’t going to start taking this $1200 trainer apart and trying to diagnose an issue. Lol


(B Mitchell#MattHansonRacing) #83

This is a great discussion. I was saving to buy a Hammer to start the winter season, but definitely holding off now. Right now for power all I have is a G3 power tap hub and I was trying to rationalize spending $1200 for a more realistic/useful/enjoyable training experience. So from all of this, what is the most compatible smart trainer for zwift? Also, wouldn’t it be in the best interests of Cyclops to work closely with Zwift and figure this out? I (like I’m sure, many others) will choose the most compatible smart trainer for zwift. Seems strange that they are not trying harder to make this work.



(Robert Otte) #84

A direct drive trainer is definitely the way to go IMO! Once you are set up, you can just jump on the bike and get going a lot quicker than on the trainers with wheels and rollers. You can also generate a whole lot more watts without causing wheel slip. I initially owned a Tacx Fortius and used it for greater than 6 years but I was always concerned about calibration due to the slightest variation in tire pressure really affecting the calibration. I live in the U.S. and was always concerned about support from Tacx which was out of the country and they never seemed to reply to my emails so that ruled out the Neo andFlux for me. I ended up purchasing the Cycleops Hammer because I thought their support would be better for me and its flywheel was heavier than the one on the Wahoo Kickr (although I don’t know if that is really a big deal). I have a friend who loves his Kickr and I probably would have loved too if that was the way I went.


(John Carpenter) #85

If I was you Glen and had the opportunity to return the Hammer for a refund I would do so. I continue to have mechanical issues despite taking it apart twice to remove grease (I just turn the music up to drown it out now). Power drop outs are only solved on a consistent basis using a Stages power meter for both power and cadence via Bluetooth.

There may never be a fix for these problems and I cannot agree that their customer service makes up for these issues.


(B Mitchell#MattHansonRacing) #86

Thanks Robert. 6 months ago I dreaded trainer riding but since riding with zwift, I’ve noticed considerable improvements in training quality which has been reflected in new best power and splits at races, this year. After seeing the benefits of trainer riding (and just riding a lot more) and another friend having a really bad accident, it makes sense to have a more permanent, accurate and convenient set-up. I really like my cyclops fluid trainer, but slipping, tire changing and calibration/accuracy (like you mentioned) are getting old. I’m just not the most patient person and don’t like the idea of equipment not working perfectly. The OP and other’s  issues are a bit concerning. Good thing I can’t afford it, yet! 


(Rachel Bertagnoli(DALLAS RACING) (HERD)) #87

They are sending me a brand new freehub body. I’ve tried everything. Advanced bicycle mechanic for 20 years, and current shop manager. No matter what I do… Once the flywheel spins up to 20mph and then slow my speed/cadence, it disengages and freewheels both directions. I hope the new hub body solves the issue…


(Rachel Bertagnoli(DALLAS RACING) (HERD)) #88

Got a brand new trainer since the new freehub did not 100% fix the issue. Hooked everything up exactly like the first one. Paired new trainer, calibrated just to be safe. Shows it’s connected. Solid white LED. In high gear at 90rpm, 17mph max no matter how hard I pedal, shows my watts around 120 which is crazy… As soon as I get to the Watopia hill, my guy goes 3mph. It’s just my luck…


(Jen Williams) #89

I bought a Hammer 3 weeks ago and have had the power drops that others have seen. They have offered me a replacement. Not sure I want one after hearing your experience Glen.


(Rachel Bertagnoli(DALLAS RACING) (HERD)) #90

I really think the Hammer is a great trainer. When mine worked it was great. Then ran into an issue with the freehub body not engaging. Thought it was great customer service to get a brand new trainer, but now I can’t get this one to work. Hoping it might have been a temp issue… The weird thing is it shows it’s connected. But something weird is happening.


(Jen Williams) #91

Yes, really like the Hammer. If they can fix the power issue I’d be 100% happy. Good luck getting yours to work.


(Paul) #92

All…I just checked this morning and there is a new update for the CycleOps Hammer Firmware that purports to fix the lag problem.  I’ve also seen the same kind of problem in Rouvy (Virtual Training…new name).  I will try it out on Zwift later today.  Just thought I would post it now so any of you waiting for just such a thing could give it a spin and report back.


(Brian Chase) #93

(Update as of 11/27/17 - I am still having the same general problems but not on the Escalator so much)


I downloaded the new Firmware 31.036 using the old Virtual Training program and it updated just fine.  Put the Pain Cave back together today and went out in London looking for the dreaded London Escalator.  I did 4 times up the Escalator:

  1. Sprint with no gear changes

  2. Slow with multiple gear changes higher and lower

  3. Blow up simulation where I sprinted and then dropped 4-5 gears half way

  4. Sprint with one gear change (easier) half way

Scenario #3 produced a 0 watt reading for a split second during the dramatic shift but the chain was slack so it should have been zero.  My avatar did not stop and wattage picked right back up as soon as I engaged power again. Very happy with this result!

All other scenarios worked perfectly for me.  I believe they fixed the 0 watt dropout problem but would like to see your results as well!

BTW - Lag is still there but that is not a deal-breaker for me.  Lag might be a little better as well but I haven’t been on Zwift in a while so comparisons are not fresh.


(Gustavo Souza) #94

I have never had those 0 connection dropout with my Cycleops before… until I got myself a new heart rate monitor (Garmin Heart Rate Premium Strap) last week. 4 out of my last 4 workouts my cadence went to 0. Yes, I’ve already got the latest firmware which are now reporting cadence.

Today an experiment happened by chance that made me more confident that the HR is the culprit of my cadence dropouts. …

Before starting my workout I touched the HR and it activated… I then decided not to use it and place it on my 2nd bike’s hood… It turns out that the HR got positioned right on top of my hammer, with the sensor thing in centre facing down. As soon as I started pedalling, I noticed the cadence not being reported. I moved the HR further away and rebooted the trainer… and everything got back to normal.  After that I remembered that I had done several hassle free indoor rides… all of them I wasn’t wearing a HR… I’ll save the HR for outdoor rides I reckon… I suspect there are too much of interference going on: HR, my crank based PM, hammer itself, my bluetooth earphone and my wifi signal… (I’ve got an usb extension cable so the usb dongle can be positioned by the trainer)

BTW, Stages is the PM controlling the power on my zwift rides. It’s paired via ANT+… I had it paired via bluetooth, when the unnexpectable happened: for the first time ever, I had a connection drop with it… I was going downhill and stopped pedalling… boom the connection was gone (that even was in a race).

I’m pretty sure that if I look at other trainer’s forum we will find some similar issues.


(James Primal Zhr B) #95

Ok so updated my Hammer yesterday with the app.  Now the trainer is showing the blue solid light which means that a bluetooth device is controlling it?  I deleted the app but still blue light and what’s worse it is dropping out more than ever!  HELP!


(Robert Otte) #96

Any chance you can use ANT+FC-E instead of bluetooth? I zero issues with a PC and using ANT+FC-E controlling both power and trainer. I would unplug the Hammer that should give you a new green light. Good luck.


(Philip) #97

With all the discussion about the Hammer and it’s power dropouts and resistance lag, it made me take notice that I’ve had a 3-4 second lag in major resistance changes on my Cycleops PowerSync for the last two years, though no dropouts.  There is no firmware to update, so if there’s a fix, it has to be on the Zwift side.

I’m not encouraged by the fact that in a year of working on the problem, the Hammer still has lag issues.


(Ed Jenkins 67SEA) #98


I have had similar issues and now I think it is attributed to latency in the system. Packets need to be exchanged and it is slow with the current band width. I typically ride about 3-5 rpms higher than what the program is calling for in a workout mode. The smoother you ride at a given rpm the better it all works, otherwise it’s the dog chasing it’s tail. 


(Philip) #99

Interesting point, Ed.  I’ve assumed (I don’t know anything for certain) that the calculations for speed and resistance based on my power output, terrain slope, etc. are done on my local computer so packet delays from sensors would be minimal.  If it has to go off to the Zwift server, then packet exchanges or just slow processing there could be enough to account for the lag.   


(Philip) #100

One other thing I just recalled - I’ve read in some of the Hammer threads that the KickR (i believe it was, anyway) did not have any lag issues.  I’m not sure what that implies about the cause for Hammer and PowerSync lag issues.