CycleOps Hammer Resistance Question/Assistance.

(Scott Royce) #1

I am absolutely new to the world of Zwift/virtual training and I have a CycleOps Hammer as well and find the resistance to be on the aggressive side.  I know I am a tad out of “cycling shape/form”, but I should not have to be in my 39 to roll over 2-4 % short climbs.  In addition, I live where it is flat, Coastal SC, and am accustomed to rolling 53x16 for long periods of tempo riding, but cannot imagine being about to do that on the flats of Zwift.  My trainer has the latest Firmware update(s) using the PowerTap App and I did the Calibration through the Rouvy Mobile App, but did it through the Settings - Trainer & Sensors path.

Any advice and assistance in getting a more realistic feel would be appreciated, thanks!

(Nigel Doyle) #2

What have you got the trainer difficulty setting on? The default is 50%. I have a Hammer and tried it at 100% and found hills harder than the same gradient outdoors. I have mine set to 40%. This allows me to feel the hills and put out power on descents, essential for racing on Zwift. 

You’ve got fairly tall gearing. My large chainring is a 50. On the flats in Zwift I’m in that and mid range on the rear cassette. Small climbs like the S’s I stay on the large chainring. It’s only on the major hills where I need to drop to my 34.

With your tall gearing changing the difficulty settings has the same effect as changing your cassette and chainrings. You won’t put out any more power (or less), you’ll just have a different range of gears to use than before.

I do the spindown with Rouvy on the Freeride page.

Hope this helps.

(Tony Casson ZZRC) #3

I also have the Hammer & have been using it for the last 2 weeks but find the resistance changes really severe compared to my old Vortex & KICKR2. I have dropped it to 40% & it has helped but I struggle to maintain a consistent power output. Also on short interval sprints the power drops to zero momentarily which is really frustrating if your trying to grab a wheel. I don’t know if it’s just the characteristics of the Hammer or a problem. 

I have done the spin down on Rouvy & Zwift homepage. Overall I love the trainer as the heavy flywheel is the closest I’ve got to feeling like a real world ride just got to sort out these small issues.


(Nigel Doyle) #4

The power momentarily dropping to zero is a know issue. Cycleops are aware of it. However they are dragging the chain doing anything about it. The more people that complain the more likely they are to do something about it. So I suggest filing a support ticket with them.

Another issue with the Hammer is it has a bad lag problem responding to terrain changes compared to other smart trainers. I would imagine this lag affects riding on someone’s wheel.

In the Zwift settings change the power display to 3 seconds rather than instant if you haven’t done so already. This averages out the power you see on screen (and will hide some of the power drops)

(Steven Williams) #5

Hi Guys, I’ve upgraded from a wheel on trainer, Elite Rampa, to the Hammer…lets be realistic, the Hammer is much quicker in response than this and other smart trainers.(Even the Kickr has had to go through 3 versions to get it right. lol!)

Yes, there is a delay in changes but not as delayed as other trainers out there. The Zwift forum is loaded with issues of nearly every trainer!

There is a new firmware update for the hammer 12-12-2017 to improve this further. 

I take the delay of terrain change as my momentum carrying me up and over the changing elevations, and hence this doesn’t really bother me as it mimics my real rides. If it was instant then it would feel too sudden and un-natural regarding bike rolling.

On the power setting, I left the setting at 100% for the Hammer (like when I had a Rampa), and boy, I nearly had a cardio at the mast climb! I had to reset it to around 60%, I may have to lower it further for my wife, she’ll never ride up there, she’s already mad at me for swapping the Rampa out!

One thing that I experienced this evening, I changed the battery on my Garmin HR strap and I think the extra juice impaired the Hammers Ant+ communication as I was stuck on considerable wattage going to the mast without needing to pedal! In other words, after a short burst, I freewheeled up to the mast at 261 watts without pedaling, from the village onward… Cool! This has been known to happen with a HR strap on Ant+, further riding to confirm this if it happens again?

Love my Hammer! Sorry about not adding anything technical, juts thought I’d share my experience of The Hammer and other trainers! 

(Warner King) #6

Hello all:


Has anyone experienced overheating with their Cycleops Hammer?My Hammer has  overheated several times during the longer sustained mountain climbs of at least 8% and higher grades on Zwift. It happens about 40 minutes or so into a ride. The trainer disconnects, and the lights flash red. As the unit cools, the lights flash blue/white.  After twenty minutes I am able to reconnect, but it is very frustrating in the middle of a tough ascent to have to stop, especially when I’m with a group.

Anyone out there with similar problems with their Hammer? Any thoughts?


(I StinkyShortsDraft) #7

t Yep mine just overheated too… flashed red lots all power just as I was beating a guy to the top of a long climb it was at 12-13% and I weigh 225.  It over heated for sure.  sucks… Its going back.  I buy everything at REI for this reason.

(John Maher) #8

Mine overheated with the last version of firmware. With the new (2/18) firmware version, the resistance is eased when it starts to overheat, forcing you to spin faster to achieve the same power output, and thus allowing the cooling  fan on the fly wheel to turn faster. There have been no overheating incidents since the firmware update. The change in resistance to avoid overheating  that the firmware produces on a long climb is distracting. It forces you to increase your cadence dramatically to maintain the same power.


I have not found a cooling solution to prevent it yet, but exhausting the casing with a shopvac seems promising but cumbersome. If an electronics cabinet cooling fan will work cooling fan, that would be ideal. Blowing a fan at the enclosure does not seem to work.

Cycleops Hammer Overheating

(Kristopher Barr) #9

Cycleops Hammer Overheating

I’ve been having this issue… especially when I do a 60 cad hill climb interval workout.  I have all the updated firmware and calibration through Rouvy.  Usually kicks out towards the end of my higher watt sustained intervals.

Unfortunately… was on Alpe du Zwift for the first time last night and had it overheat about 44 min into the climb.  My cadence was about 80-90 most of the time with a wattage of only about 250 avg.  Very VERY frustrating.  My lights have never flashed red, only flashing blue… same symptoms tho, heavily reduced resistance meant I was in the big ring on a 13% grade sprinting to try to get back up to 250avg as I was being passed by all the people I struggled to distance.  After it cooled off, the resistance came back.

I’ve have the 0 watt issue at least 1-2 times per normal ride too.  

I’ve put in my 3rd report to Cycleops since getting it in Dec 2017 and am waiting for a reply now.  I can’t see myself keeping it if I can’t finish the Alpe without it overheating.  Hopefully Cycleops will have a fix that doesn’t involve installing a cooling fan made out of scavenged parts.

(Raphael Dorna) #10

I had the same problem in the second day of my hammer.l on Alpe du Zwift. 44 minutes, resistance dies. I tryed the same route using another new hammer from my friend’s bike shop and after 44 minutes, resistence died too.

(J W) #11

Resistance dropout issues faced when climbing up EPIC KOM , about 30 mins into the game .

Solid blue lights started flashing and while the Hammer could still read the power I was putting , resistance was non-existent . 

Checked my Ipad , everything was still paired - disabled it , reconnected and still no resistance !

Minimised Zwift ,  restarted bluetooth connection (Ipad) and voila , everything worked again .



(Raphael Dorna) #12

It has worked again because de hammer get´s cold while you was reconnecting the bletooth. Gets hot, resistance stops, get´s cold, resistance cames back. Simple like that. Probably is a safety system