Cycleops Hammer Cadence on screen

I recently upgraded to the Cycleops Hammer.  While riding on Zwift my screen does not show cadence.  Initially the Hammer didn’t have this feature.  (Thought it would only be a simple firmware update on the Hammer side)  However when I upload to Strava, the cadence data is there…the trainer is indeed registering cadence data.  Seems to me to be a simple communication issue between the Hammer and Zwift software - Can we get this fixed?  I’d like to see the cadence data on screen while riding, I use cadence data as part of my training.

I have same problem ,too.

Me too.  I pedal anywhere from 1-3 minutes before the avatar responds and even then it coasts a lot and even stops while I am pedaling like mad!  I have the ANT+ sensor on my Hammer.  Why does Zwift have such a great reputation?  Doesn’t seem to be that good to me at all…

I just hooked up the Hammer and cant get cadence to pick up at all.