CycleOps Hammer and Magnus owners - Sim and ERG modes now work!

(Will Botti (C)) #1

New Beta update1.0.34047 is now available in Play Store.

Most notable is a fix for CycleOps smart trainers.

Please check it out and share feedback.

Ride On!
Zwift Android team

(Nigel ) #2

No issues with a group workout today using my Hammer trainer. I then did 50 minutes in Sim mode, again no issues and resistance changed when the terrain changed. Thanks.

(Chay) #3

I’ve lost sim mode resistance change and workout mode no longer changes power.

Samsung s9. Wahoo core

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(Nigel ) #4

Chay - this topic is about Cycleops Hammer and Magnus trainers.

(Michael) #5

Great news! I’ll be testing this out later today.

(Michael) #6

It works! Finally I can use Zwift on my Android tablet. Now the only thing lacking is ANT+ so I can use a heart rate monitor.

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(Henk) #7

It seems to work perfectly. Thanks! For quick rides I will probably default to using the tablet now instead of the pc.

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(Will Botti (C)) #8

Sorry to hear that. We’ve had intermittent issues on various Wahoo trainers over the last few months. Before we release a Beta update, we do a full sweep on all major trainer brands (Wahoo, CycleOps, TacX, Elite, others) to make sure that our intended fixes are working, and that we haven’t made anything worse.
If you haven’t already, could you do me a favor and open up a support ticket at and mention that we had this convo?
I can’t promise a resolution date but shoring up the KickR trainer experience is a top priority.
I really appreciate your patience as we sort through this.
Android Game Team

(Reed Markley) #9

The ERG mode in my new Cyclops Hammer 2 does not work. After pairing to the Saris FE-C signals for the power source, cadence, and controllable, I click OK. I select a workout, make sure ERG mode is enabled, and make sure that power smoothing is set for 3 sec.
I start the workout, and on both Zwift on my PC and on the ZC app on my Android smart phone, the power has excursions of at least ± 20 watts around the workout requested level. If I increase cadence, power also dramatically increases, and only gradually, after 10 or more seconds does it attempt to approach the requested power level. An example- 100 watts at 80 rpm. increase cadence to 100, and power will shoot up to 200 or so, before slowly returning to requested level while I hold cadence at 100. If I slow cadence, power will drop, as will cadence, both dropping too low(cadence may go momentarily to zero, even though I am pedaling at 80). Have others seen this problem. As an aside, I went to the LBS where I bought the H2, and tested this on their demo H1, with the same results, so this is not a new problem.
My Kickr 2017 works as expected in ERG mode, with power excursions of only 2 or 3 watts no matter what I do.
I went through several of the new Kickr Cores and one new Kickr 2018, with all failing do to the well known power problem resulting in no output. While they worked, however, they work exactly as my 2017 Kickr, i.e. perfectly in both ERG and sim mode.
I only got the H2 because I was tired of replacing Wahoo devices, but the H2 seems to be not particularly useful either. Impossible to do HIIT exercises such as 30 sec low power, 10 sec very high power, 30 sec low power, and on for several repetitions.

(Nigel ) #10

Reed - something not right with your trainer. My Hammer will hold target power within + / - a few watts. That said you need to keep cadence constant. If you suddenly increase cadence by 20 then naturally the power is going to spike before it settles down to target power. Are you getting the star for achieving the interval?

BTW if the target power is 100w which is really light you need to be on the smallest front chainring and on an easy gear in the back. If you were on a hard gear you could easily overpower the trainer and settling down on 100w would be hard for it.

Make sure your firmware is up to date and you do a spindown every couple of weeks use the free Rouvy app. Don’t use the spindown function within Zwift.

(Reed Markley) #11

Small front chain ring on front, and easy gear on back solved the problem. It still does not hold power the way the Kickr does. Different power sensing and control, probably. Works well enough though. Do get the gold stars.

(Nigel ) #12

Note that the Kickr will artificially smooth the power output so that the resulting power graph looks nice and clean. In reality it’s similar to the Hammer. I gather the power smoothing for Kickr’s can be disabled.