CycleOps Hammer and Magnus owners - Sim and ERG modes now work!


(Will) #1

New Beta update1.0.34047 is now available in Play Store.

Most notable is a fix for CycleOps smart trainers.

Please check it out and share feedback.

Ride On!
Zwift Android team

(Nigel ) #2

No issues with a group workout today using my Hammer trainer. I then did 50 minutes in Sim mode, again no issues and resistance changed when the terrain changed. Thanks.

(Chay Mckenzie) #3

I’ve lost sim mode resistance change and workout mode no longer changes power.

Samsung s9. Wahoo core

(Nigel ) #4

Chay - this topic is about Cycleops Hammer and Magnus trainers.

(Michael Tucker) #5

Great news! I’ll be testing this out later today.

(Michael Tucker) #6

It works! Finally I can use Zwift on my Android tablet. Now the only thing lacking is ANT+ so I can use a heart rate monitor.

(Henk de Beer) #7

It seems to work perfectly. Thanks! For quick rides I will probably default to using the tablet now instead of the pc.

(Will) #8

Sorry to hear that. We’ve had intermittent issues on various Wahoo trainers over the last few months. Before we release a Beta update, we do a full sweep on all major trainer brands (Wahoo, CycleOps, TacX, Elite, others) to make sure that our intended fixes are working, and that we haven’t made anything worse.
If you haven’t already, could you do me a favor and open up a support ticket at and mention that we had this convo?
I can’t promise a resolution date but shoring up the KickR trainer experience is a top priority.
I really appreciate your patience as we sort through this.
Android Game Team