Cycleops H2 Trainer issues

Tried out Zwift today with the Cycleops H2 Trainer using a LG G6 and had the following issues.

  1. Although it connected via BLE as a controllable, there was no feedback through the trainer at all, it just acted like a normal dumb trainer.

  2. The app wouldn’t do the spin down calibration. The trainer would stop and the app still display 3 km/h then say that the trainer had timed out and it would fail.

Plus note, it did run nicely on the LG G6.

Future improvements that would be great to see would be Chromecast and ANT+ integration.

  • Device brand and model:- LG G6
  • Trainer:- Cycleops H2
  • Game build version:- 1.0.30587
  • Which world you were in:- London
  • What type of ride you were doing:- Regular

I am having the same issues using a Pixel 2. Zwift won’t control resistance or do a spindown without timing out.

Mine did the same when I first got it (if you check the Known Issues page you’ll see a post about it). Download the Rouvy app, it’s a program assoc. with CycleOps, calibrate your trainer using it and then you should be fine.

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Have exactly same issue with latest release. The calibration with rouvy works fine, but still the trainer resistance is constant in zwift.
So far there is no comment from developers when a fix is expected…

Tested again in last release from google store v42 - 1.0.33271, but no change, still have no control over trainer resistance.