Customizations screen

How do you get to the customizations screen? I went though the initial set up but cannot figure out how to get back to that screen to make any changes. Do you have to ride more to “unlock this”? Also wondering how to switch to Kph.

“T” and there is also a link to it from the “I’M DONE” screen when your rider pauses.

For metric hit “U” to toggle back and forth, but you have to do it each time you login currently. The change is not currently sticky from ride to ride, but will be eventually.

Where do you find the menu for quick keys?

By reading these forums and experimenting! :slight_smile:

If I remember right, I hit the space bar to bring up the customization screen the other day.

You get more unlocks by riding. Along the top of your screen, you’ll see an orange bar that slowly moves, the longer you ride. When it reaches 100%, you get your first unlock.

So THAT’S what the orange bar does…

Would be nice to get screenshot with annotations pointing out what each thing is. Hmmm…maybe I’ll start that.