Customise the order of quick menu icons/buttons (esp. for ZML/A4KTV)

Hello cherubs.

Is there any means by which one may customise the buttons on Zwift Mobile Link or on AppleTV?

What I mean is, can I change the order of the buttons so the options I access more regularly are at the left and those I rarely use are stuffed away off to the right where I never need to look at them? 

My primary use for Zwift is doing Custom Workouts on my own (yep, I’m a real people person). At present the ‘skip block’ is right beside the ‘pause/unpause workout’ button. You can see where this is going.

As a clumsy oaf on rollers attempting to use an unresponsive AppleTV remote, I press ‘skip block’ by accident on a semi-regular basis when I actually want to pause for a coffee. This makes me swear and feel sad. I don’t wish to continue swearing and feeling sad. 

So, is there any way to change the order of the buttons/icons on Zwift Mobile Link and/or AppleTV?

If this doesn’t exist already, is it something which could be implemented by the Zwift boffins?