Custom Workouts

The latest upgrade of the iOS version (volcano addition) doesn’t allow me to create custom workouts any longer. I can no longer add & adjust columns. Please can you fix this.  Also, the finishing lines for intervals have disappeared. Thanks

Yes I’ve found the same problem in iOS. When creating new custom workout I’m presented with a white screen/box. The only way to exit the screen is to save the blank work out. 

The same problem here. I can not create custom Workouts on IPad.

Zwift acknowledged the issue. As a temporary workaround, you can create a workout in the desktop app or something like Training Peaks and then import into the iPad app. See here for steps on how to import

I have an IPAD mini2 and downloaded thew only zwift app i could see in the app store.

The problem is that I cannot find the custom workout in the app (so I cannot edit them ) so I tried to download my training session directly via Itunes and there is no workout file in the zwift folder. 

Please tell me how should I do to upload (edit) custom training sessions in my ipad 2 (completely updated with all the latest versions)


I can create custom workouts on my iPad Air, but there is no option to do so on my iPad Mini 2 for some reason. Odd.