Custom Workouts lost?


I just started Zwift some minutes ago to ride a custom workout. But all my custom workouts that I have created so far were not listed. So, where are they gone?

When I logged in to Zwift, Zwift updated automatically to a new software version. To do that, zwift nedded administrator privileges (there are several accounts running on this PC). After finishing the update installation, zwift still runs as administrator and therefore only these workouts are listed under “custom workouts”, that can be found in the administrator/documents/zwift/workouts folder. But normally, I log into zwift as a normal user. So, all my workouts can be found in the folder myloginname/documents/zwift/workouts .

A solution ist quite simple. Just quit zwift and start zwift again running as the normal user and all workouts are there again!

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Hi Thorsten, did you specifically log in as administrator, or did you simply grant administrator rights when it asked for them using your normal account?    If you simply granted the rights, it shouldn’t have stored anything under the admin account’s documents folder.   What OS specifically were you using?

Hi Jon,

I was using a normal user account and granted admin rights for the udpate process. When I saw that my custom workouts have been dissapeared I created a new test workout and searched the folder where it has been stored. And the workout was stored in the admins document folder. I’m using win 7 prof. edition with several restricted user accounts and one admin user.

Kind regards Thorsten