Custom Workouts have disappeared!

(Sid Johnson) #1

Zwift has just updated to 1.0.31664 and custom workouts are no longer appearing. The zwo files are still in the workouts directory however everytime I start Zwift it creates a new directory (user id/number from what I can gather) with a workouts.file with the following content


Not having access to my custom workouts is irritating to say the least

Sorted, copy all files to sub directory!


(Ricky Dee Wbr) #2

Same problem for me except I’m on my iPad. Are they lost forever, it took an age to build these just so!

(Sid Johnson) #3

I managed to resolve it by copying all my workouts to the new sub-directory which was created during the last update,

Not too sure how you would resolve on Ipad though

(Dennis Prahl) #4

I have the same problem. All workouts are gone…
I can see them in Finder on my Mac. But there are not shown in Zwift…

EDIT: Deleted the complete folder. Created a new training. --> automatically all workouts came back. Problem solved

(Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen [ZwiftHacks]) #5

The change in behaviour is described here:

(Ricky Dee Wbr) #6

I used iFunBox to move the files on the iPad, everything came back and the Custom Workouts folder went to the top of the list in workouts :ok_hand:

(R Pun) #7

Hi, can you please be a bit more specific with what you did? I’m on a mac and have the same trouble but I can’t follow what you’ve done to resolve the issue. I tried opening the package contents of Zwift in finder but that didn’t get me anywhere. Thanks!

(R Pun) #8

Hi, I’m not sure what you mean by copying into the new sub-directory. Much appreciated if you can please provide more tips-for-dummies.

(Todd Busteed ABD) #9

When going to the Workouts folder, you should see a folder within that folder that is labelled with a 5 digit number. (from my experience - perhaps different on your OS.) That is the sub-folder. You will need to copy your custom workouts into that folder to get them to appear in game. Hope that helps.

(JAMES McG Ashmei Musette RT) #10

mine have disappeared from the folder/subfolder and the numbered folder. Hours and Hours of effort writing new workouts are gone!

(Joel Shoffstall) #11

See Todd’s comment above. Zwift changed the folder structure from where the files are saved in order to accommodate the workout files on multiple systems. If you go to your workout folder, there will be another sub folder now. This folder is labeled with your user #. Copy all your old workouts into this folder, then restart Zwift. Your workouts will reload. Make sure Zwift closes properly, everything will be saved up for your next ride/run.

(JAMES McG Ashmei Musette RT) #12

Yes as I said. There are no workouts in my numbered folder or anywhere else in the sub directory. I had over 20 workouts designed.

(JAMES McG Ashmei Musette RT) #13

Basically if you kept your workouts stored in any stored subfolder in the Zwift folder this update wiped it

(Joel Shoffstall) #14

Your files are still there. The folder structure is now different. Search your PC for .zwo files, you will find the folder.

(JAMES McG Ashmei Musette RT) #15

yeah I’ve done that all gone

(Joel Shoffstall) #16

Find workout.files, go through and change your workout files delete>true</delete to delete>false</delete

(JAMES McG Ashmei Musette RT) #17

the files are not listed in that file on the few that remain