Custom Workout With Apple TV

(Tristan) #61

Just adding my support for this feature to be added.

(Jesse Glider - MOXIE) #62

I do feel it is time to add this feature. We are well passed the self imposed deadlines to update the app. I see others on here suggest to “chill out”. To be fair I used TrainerRoad for years, as I am a big fan of Rx workouts. Zwift was cool when it first came out (w/o Rx workouts). For me I really like the structure of the Rx workouts. 

Zwift Rx platform is really easy to use, and I am a huge fan. They are my sole provider for training. I have been on my macbook for many many miles. I set up my “pain cave” have the cool big monitor, the self, the apple tv.

To see that I can 't use my Rx workouts that my coach Rx for me is annoying.

Two hands up for this feature please.


(Rich Stanbaugh TeamEN) #63

Agreed Jesse. In March, Josie posted that this feature was ‘a couple more months out.’ Hopefully we will see it soon.

(Andrew Nash (B)) #64

@Josie L.

It’s been a few more than a couple of months.

I can’t see custom workouts on my Apple TV 4k.

(Steve Ricketts (C69)) #65

Hope we never see the workout “builder” on ATV… put them on the web and download them to any device!