Custom Workout With Apple TV

(Steve Boyce 7446) #41


Will it work with the free version of training peaks?
Sorry if I came across annoyed, just I both my Apple TV 4 specially for zwift and custom workouts

(Josie) #42

Hey Steve - it should work for any version of TrainingPeaks. You just have to make sure your workout on TP follows the guidelines here.

(Michael Infantolino TOMBC) #43

I am totally frustrated. I have been using apple tv 4k and have not had an issue choosing my training peaks work out for the day that  it falls. I just did a work out yesterday. When I attempted to do my Sunday workout, today 3-11-18, no Training peaks workout showed as a choice. I disconnected reconnected, restarted, e tc, still nothing…

(Dallas Parr - TrainMe) #44

Training peaks only transfers your workout on the day. If you want to do the workout again you have to copy the workout you want to the day before you log on.

(Michael Infantolino TOMBC) #45

Understood. I had not completed anything. The ride for today was in training peaks with the proper date. But… there’s nothing in Apple TV for raining oeaks. No drop down. No way to select my ride from training peaks for today. I’ve neen using it for 3 weeks. Never had this issue. The ride is on my calendar and on that day it appears as an option on atv

(Jeff Horn #EN ODZ) #46

Same thing happened to me yesterdayMichael. No training peaks folder OR workout despite it being created on the correct day. AppleTV implementation has been a complete disaster other than the graphics. I’ve only had about 3 weeks of issue free use since I started using it Jan 1st. The rest have been pairing issues, erg issues you name it.

(Michael Infantolino TOMBC) #47

You and I are on the same time frame. I started early Feb… Started out with a few hiccups but I worked through them. But yesterday was really annoying. I opened a ticket with Zwift, they responded with an article stating this can happen or is known to happen as a result of slow internet connection…


My internet speeds are close to 200mpbs…

(Stefano Clerico) #48

Hello ZWIFT staff,

I read that in the next months will be possible to upload custom workout on Apple Tv.

If yes, it’s fantastic. With this new feature, the Zwift experience with Apple Tv is amazing!!


(Mark Carroll ) #49

I would like to see this feature as I currently have to screen mirror my iPad to 4K tv to do custom workouts.

(Erik Schumacher) #50


I want custom workouts on my Apple TV too, because that is the main device I run Zwift on - I build a custom workout on my Mac and I expected that the workout would sync over all Apple devices, what is the common behavior of iOS/macOS Apps, but that did not work.

I hope this feature is gonna be implemented very soon.


(Carlos) #51

I’m proposing the possibility of create the wotkouts for all the plattforms through the companion app. In that case we would be able to plan, create, edit, select our workouts in advance… I really don’t know much about programming but if I can select/join an event through my phone I think it would be possible to do the same for a workout. As Mark Carroll SCCC , I have to mirror my iPhone and sometimes that is not so practical when I’m Zwifting.

(Steve Ricketts (C69)) #52

I’ve been creating custom workouts for ATV with the free version of Training Peaks… actually, that’s all I use Training Peaks for.   Very easy to create it on-line (with mouse, keyboard) and drop it on the day you want to ride.  Shows up at the bottom of the Zwift workout list.  As bad as the remote is with ATV, I don’t think I’d ever want to use that to build a workout.  On-line seems like a much better place!  Anyway, custom workouts can be done today if you want them!

(Carl Newton) #53

Hi Steve,

You are correct, the free version of Training Peaks is a current work-around for this; however the free version of that program only allows for the creation of 5 custom workouts, which I think is insufficient for the needs of most competitive cyclists and triathletes.

(Steve Ricketts (C69)) #54

Carl, good catch there.  I only use a few custom ones and wasn’t aware of the 5 workout limitation.  

(Dallas Parr - TrainMe) #55

I vote that everyone needs to chill out and stop being little pritsies and move on. You can’t upload workouts to Apple TV… so what.

The fact they made it available and will in later updates make that a reality is a bonus so shut it and be grateful as it was never part of their larger plan and the fact they have helped those who can not afford a computer hooked to their TV means that we should be thanking them and NOT rubbishing them. 

Please enjoy the bone they threw us and stop the bitching and enjoy zwift.

(Kathy "Granny" Ricketts) #56

I agree, Dallas!  Although don’t forget, they CAN upload workouts to ATV… just not enough for some folks that way.  :wink:

(Mike Ferguson5020) #57

I built an entire pain cave with a projector with an apple tv to do custom workouts because I didn’t think that the apple TV version was limited in this regard and I already spend enough money on zwift, strava and a coach I don’t want to also pay for training peaks to be able to plan my workouts, I think it is reasonable to expect the custom workouts I make on my laptop with Zwift sync with the apple tv…

(Taylor Gonsoulin (Free-Flite/Pactimo)) #58

Carl Newton, is the 5 custom workout limit a maximum that can’t be exceeded at any one time, or do you only get to create 5 workouts and no more ever even if you delete an old one? 

(David) #59

Another vote for custom workouts on ATV.  

(Erik Schumacher) #60

@ Dallas Parr - TrainMe

I guess I have to remind you that Zwift is a paid service. We are not Zwift-Fanboys/-girls we are customers and we express our opinion. If someone use ATV, it has nothing to do with not being able to afford a PC/Mac, ATV is just the easiest and efficient way to use Zwift. It should be clear, that every User expects the same features on all platforms.