Custom Workout With Apple TV

(Dallas Parr - TrainMe) #21

It Annoys me that Zwift ups the price, Teases you with Zwift app on Apple TV but you can’t upload via Apple TV and you can’t create your own workouts as all the other platforms can. Its like saying here is apple but you can only have a bite while everyone else can eat as much as they like.

(Mark Consugar) #22

As a bandaide fix to this I just create the workout on my computer-based Zwift application and mirror my Mac with my Apple TV. As I said, it’s a quick fix and would be far better to have this option built into the Apple TV Zwift app.

(Johan Van Lent) #23

Totally agree with you all, I hope there will be very soon a way to see your personal workouts you have created on your iMac or PC. And there is only one solution, put them in the cloud so that they are available on all you devices from one place. The monthly fee we pay to use Zwift should cover this easily i guess , agree ? Being an IT’er myself this is very frustrating if you know what is possible today with the cloud :frowning: Come on Zwift, let’s fix it right away !


(Greg Hamm) #24

I’m with a lot of you. I expected custom workouts to be a cloud based thing and have learned that it’s not. I use different devices depending on the scenario I’m in and having access to my workouts no matter what device would be great. I think it should be expected! Even if the Zwift Mobile Link can somehow utilize access to created erg files from training peaks and go about it in that way would be nice. Whatever works! Love to have more flexibility with the AppleTV version of Zwift. I bought it assuming it would have all the same features as anything else.

(Moritz Micus) #25

Dear Zwift Team
It’s 2 month ago that this topic has been created. Could you just give us some feedback regarding your timeline? When can we expect to be able to build custom workouts on ATV or to use our custom workouts built on PC or Mac on ATV?

Would be very happy if you could do some expectation management.

Thanks and kind regards!

(Dallas Parr - TrainMe) #26

They will not need to create a cloud based as all they have to do is do it via the Mobile app as this is what loads up to Zwift etc… 

So you create your workout and send to the app and when the app talks to Apple TV you can see the workouts you just uploaded to your mobile app. Its the mobile app that uploads all my rides even though I use Apple TV 4K (as I have not been able to upload natively via just Apple TV 4K). 

This solution would just need some modifications on the mobile zwift app and would cost 1/10 of the cost of R&D to do. If they want to hire me I could quote to do it for them :slight_smile:

(Christian) #27

Second, third and fourth all of this - not having access to Custom workouts on ATV is really annoying

Ideal result would be having the ability to log in to the web browser and then manage and build all your workouts there (including the existing ones), with all your custom work outs then automatically pushed to / available on each device set up (ATV, PC iOS etc).

To be honest I’m really surprised that this isn’t how it’s set up and was sort of assuming it would be when I invested in a set up with the Apple TV in January.



(Dave SN) #28

I won’t purchase Apple TV until this issue is resolved…No point as i use custom workouts alot.

(Steve Boyce 7446) #29

This should be their top priority, don’t release Zwift to the Apple TV platform until it has 100% of its features. I was about to buy a 4K Apple TV over Xmas to use zwift and am so glad I found out about this.

Zwift, I encourage you to publish this error and not mislead customers. I personally don’t know anyone that does not use custom workouts.

Please fix this ASAP!!! It’s a MAJOR problem

(Nehal Ekramoddoullah) #30


(Nick Adams (B)) #31

Upvote this suggestion! I just wanted to drop in and say that I would also love to see custom workouts added to the AppleTV. Let do this, Zwift!

(Doug Lee) #32

+1, really need this feature having custom workouts on Apple TV, flexibility to customize the existing workout is necessary for personal training.

Looking forward to seeing this happens on Apple TV, thought I have to create/modify the workouts on the other platform, whatever it works with cloud solution or mobile device pushing, pls do it ASAP ! 


(Carl Newton) #33

In following this issue, there appears to be discussion from Zwift representatives that they intend to provide a solution for centralizing custom workouts, or at least having them available for Apple TV in some way – what has been missing is mention of timeline, where they are in the process, or a goal date for this feature.

On Feb 4th user Moritz Micus inquired specifically about timeline on this topic, citing that it had been over 2 months of discussion. I thought that his terminology of “Expectation Management” was well placed. Now another month has passed without a response.

So why has Zwift chosen to stay silent on this? Seems to me that customer service should be a top priority. When this many people are directly inquiring about something, perhaps it should be addressed openly and clearly.

(Flying Bobcat) #34

I was on the fence with Zwift, particularly with the recent price hike and the amount of technology I’d need to upgrade.  Best option looked to be the Apple TV 4k so that is what I went with. 

Agree that the lack of building custom workouts is a significant detraction from both Zwift and the Apple TV platform.  One of the major knocks on early version of smart trainers was the lack of development and responsiveness to issues. 

Hopefully Zwift will provide an update and timeline to address this issue soon.

(Colin Smith KISS (B)) #35

Please fix this.  The AppleTV experience is otherwise great but the absence of this feature makes me want to go back to TrainerRoad.

(Susan Walker) #36

Yes please fix this I bought 3 Apple TVs for set up a training center for my kids team.  We can’t send them custom programs and we are stuck with only your programs and that doesn’t work for us.  Please Fix this or discount my account .

(Steve Boyce 7446) #37

Seriously please get this sorted! What am I paying money for do you need me to hire someone to code it? Please also post this lack of feature on your home page so others don’t go out and buy a Apple TV expecting the full features of Zwift. How much longer do we have to wait? At least post a update when to expect it.

(Josie) #38

Hi again all,

We definitely know this is highly requested feature, and a solution is in the works. As for a specific timeline, we are looking a couple more months out.

For now, you can use TrainingPeaks as a workaround (I had mentioned in a previous comment).


(Rich Stanbaugh TeamEN) #39

Great Feedback Josie - thank you.

(Carl Newton) #40

Thank you Josie. I also really appreciate your communication here. Please keep us informed as the process continues.