Custom workout not reading power output

I was able to create a custom workout pretty easily. I’m able to access it without any trouble. The problem is with the power output during the workout . At times the resistance on my trainer is so difficult I can’t even spin the pedals. at other times I have to max out my cassette and I can barely break 155 w. And there are other times where the I can barely registering at a hundred and five.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Myles_Ridden

Welcome to the forum.

What trainer? Do you use ERG.

Do you pair your trainer as controllable and if using ANT+ do you pick FE-c

After I got your response, I double-checked my settings. I am definitely pairing as controllable. I made sure to use ANT+ and to select ERG. I’m going to try it with these settings and see what happens. Thanks for the help.