Custom Workout Multi Week Build

Hi - Is there a way for me to use all my personal custom workouts I have built and make it appear in Zwift as a plan? I see Hunter’s plan, a few others. You click the arrow and Week1, Week2, etc… appear. How can I do that with my workouts. I want to build myself a cool plan that is in my Zwift when I go to Workout mode. Thanks

Hi Paul, 

Good news, yes you can do that. :slight_smile:


Create your workouts as you normally do and name them in this way so you will not get lost later in the process. 

Week-x Day-x 


Go to documents/zwift/workouts, that’s where you find those workouts you created.

Create new folders e.g. “Workout_plan_name, week_1, week_2”

Sort all the files accordingly. 

i.e. - workouts/workout_plan_name/Week_1/Day_1 and Day_2  etc. 

And that’s it, next time you launch Zwift, you will see your new training plan :) 

I hope it will help you and many others! 

Ride On!








See screen shot. I can not get weeks to display in proper order.

Ok - I can not get a screen shot to attach to this message. I click the ‘insert image’ and it does not appear. Arrrgh. I posted a copy on my facebook page if you can look at it.


Been playing around with the names and folders. If I name the workout folder Week 1, then the file name example; Week_1_Day_1_Power_Bogs_+_SST.zwo the weeks sort out in correct order, BUT the ride name in custom workouts on Zwift do not say Day 1 ,  or Day 2. If I name the workout inside Zwift as Day 1 - Power Bogs + SST and do the same to all workouts the Week folders get out of order.

I see other plans and everything is in order. Could it be possible to get a few weeks of one of the other plans so I can see exactly how it is built?

FYI - if it matters I am using Windows 8.1 as my PC. Thanks!

This folder ordering doesn’t make any sense to me.

I have folders named Week 1…Week 16

Within this I have files named Day 1…Day 2 etc.

What I get is a seemingly random of folders.

Is the sort order the workout names or something? It’s basically infuriating - it can’t be that difficult to do a simple sort order. 

Has this been resolved yet?