Custom Workout Issues

(Michael Henasey) #1

First, thank you Zwift for making the Custom Workout builder!

The interface is intuitive and easy to use. I was able to quickly build a workout. 

There are a couple of problems that I found though.

When using the Interval Block, I could not set the Rest Duration shorter than :30 seconds. Hunter Allen @ Peaks Training loves Microburst intervals and I won’t be able to create a workout for this unless I can set the Rest Duration to :15 seconds.


I then tried to create a Microburst set by simply using Zone 1 and Zone 6 blocks strung together. I could set the Interval and Rest Durations to :15 seconds each but then when I start the workout, the Rest Durations are incorrect with some added time to them.

When I opened the Zwift Workout files (.zwo) in my Documents/Zwift/Workouts folder, I see that the values for the Rest Durations are also incorrect there.

So if I manually modify this file and set the Duration to what I want, it appears to work.


So what’s with all the decimal values with a fair amount of significant digits for Duration? I see a potential rounding error going on.


(Michael Henasey) #2

thanks, Zwift, for fixing this in the last update :slight_smile:

(Christian Schäfer HopperCycling) #3

Hi Michael, all,

first of all hats off, cool motivation for training!

just had my first microburst session and (at least with my Real Tour trainer) it was impossible to come at least close to going from required “High” to “Low” power, even when taking “the legs up”.

Same goes for the step jump at the beginning. So, would there be any workaround allowing to collect points (not that I am doing exercise for a yellow star :wink: at all, a kind of "hidden power envelope etc.?

Else the required wattages are hardly to achieve immediately.