Custom workout ERG power commands ~35% time lag

There seem to be 35% time lag for the actual ERG power changes. I.e. if my first interval in a workout is 10 minutes it will take around 13.5 minutes until the pedal power changes to the following recovery period, resulting in the “Reduce power” message during 3.5 minutes. If my interval is 30 minutes it takes around 40 minutes until the power to change to the next interval.

All this extra time accumulates so at the end of a 3h workout the actual pedal power is way, way off in time.

Also, pressing the +/- bias in the companion app sends power changes far into the future, consistent with the ~35% time lag from start of workout. I.e. if I increase to 110% 1h into the workout the power in pedals will increase ~1h20m into the workout.

I’m observing this both on custom workouts I’ve made myself in the iOS app and on workouts imported from Trainingpeaks. This worked well at some point in the past but the last couple of weeks has been a disaster, it’s just not possible to perform a decent ERG workout anymore.

Kickr v5, FW 4.2.2
Wahoo 1.11.0 (but also happened in the previous version)
iPad Pro 14.4.1

I should add that the “built-in” workouts does not seem to misbehave like this. I just did an FTP ramp test that handled the ERG power levels perfectly.

This is still broken in new version 1.12.0.

Another common denominator for workouts with this problem seems to be that they are long, >2 hours.

The only workaround I’ve found is to unpair the “controllable” part of the Kickr and then use the Wahoo app on my phone to manually set the ERG power as the intervals progress. This works ok for long intervals but is not really feasible for short (e.g. 15s) intervals as there is no time to fiddle around with the phone.

Since this bug is seriously diminishing the usability of the app for me I’d like to be credited for at least the last month of the subscription.