Custom view navigation compromised

When initiating the custom view mode (Button number “0”), the other functionality of the arrow keys is not disabled, i.e. when panning around with the arrow keys, the menu bar also starts responding with all the options of the menu such as performing U-Turns.

It also seems that ironically, when the menu bar is up and the “Change View” sub-menu unfolds (with Third Person, Third Person Short, First Person etc…) that the last option is “Helicopter View”, and thus Custom-view option is not available.

Yep; been a complaint since the hot bar updates that started mid/early last year.

All complaints have fallen on deaf ears.
Seems nobody at ZHQ understands that some huge populace of theirs is on PCs and have access to mouse and keyboards, and indeed not on a tablet / ATV unit, and have no reason for this annoying pop up at the bottom of the screen.