Custom painted red frame isn't red

Currently the color adjustment slider allows for a variety of color following the “rainbow” spectrum… However it would be great to have a black and white color option as well… On several bikes the accent colors just don’t end up that nice and having a white/black option in that case would be a better option.

Hope this is something that’s able to accommodate?

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Grey levels should be included as well as a true red which cannot be get from the slider (on iPad for instance).

much more colour choice would be a greta addition. As well as setting colours per bike, not universal that applies any change to all bikes.

You guys clearly missed the whole ‘fixing red might break the game’ discussion.


At least I have a red jersey which goes with black or white bikes.
But you really need a pink or orange jersey to match the frame colors, lol.

Typical Zwift. They can’t figure it out, so they say doing so will blow up the game.
I notice RGT doesn’t have the same color problem. Maybe Zwift should contact them to see how it’s done, and hopefully get a few pointers while they’re there to improve the graphics overall.

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New version of Zwift today - still not fixed but we do have a new Specialized bike. Clear to see what their investment in Zwift has gone towards…

Solution … when you want the original color … say your red SL7 or your red F12 … simply go to your garage and instead of picking a frame from your available frames go to the shop and effectively rebuy (cost zero as you already own it) the frame that you have already purchased and then select equip and it will regive the frame now in the original purchased color.