Custom Maps

I think it would be cool to create our own maps! How it would work is: you would go to ZC, go to more, click on “my worlds”, click new, then it would bring you to a blank template then from there you would select the type of road you want (paved, ice, gravel, sand etc.) (draw rivers, draw a circle when you have selected water, trees etc. and it would make all of that in that random shape.) and then draw the roads and then you let go of the screen and then it makes a road for you! Then there would be another screen on which you could see the 3D version. Then another in which you would be able to add grade to the roads (this would be a graph like the custom workout graph and you would’ve able to drag and drop the grades) for ex: drag in a 6% grade and say you want it for 1/2 a mile, then it would make the road that way! You could also add KOM/QOM arches and Sprint Arches! I think this would’ve an AWESOME FEATURE! The reason I want this is because I have all these great ideas like an Italian World, a Zwift City, and a Ski World with snowy mountains and I’d like to take part in it and it would be cool for others to too! Or we could just make them private, whichever you choose.

It would be so great! I like your version of this idea in particular.
I think(?) the closest thing commercially available is Magic Roads on RGT. It doesn’t even sound that hard, even for things like sharing a world to ride with friends.
And all this while still having the main worlds like Watopia.

I’ve heard it said that one of Zwift’s biggest obstacles to world expansion/road adding is graphics because of camera angles. You have to be able to show what everything looks like from basically every direction and lighting. Though it seems like you could get around this somehow…
C’mon Zwift! Do it!
@James_Zwift - has Zwift taken this into serious consideration yet?

Would be a nice feature. In the mean time, if you’re on PC or Mac you can use Road Captain by @Sander_van_Vliet_The