Custom extend the "remember me" password duration

I have a single Zwift user and I run Zwift on my Windows Laptop. I have a secure, ie. long, many digits/symbols, password that I keep in a password vault on my phone. The Zwift login screen in Windows has a “remember me” option that will remember my login for subsequent rides. However, the duration for that remember me option appears to be only a week or two. I regularly return to do a quick ride and find that the password is no longer remembered. I have not found a way to customize the duration for how long it remembers my password.

I only use this laptop for Zwift, so I have not logged into any other cloud accounts on it and hence don’t have access to other password managers. I am fine with Zwift storing my session cookie(?) for a longer duration (months) on this laptop so that I don’t need to reenter a long, complex password every few weeks. The only alternative I see right now is using a weaker, easier to remember/enter password for Zwift. However, that would weaken the cloud security of my Zwift account.

I have found other posts on here regarding making it easier to remember and switch between multiple accounts. I only have a single account that I want to remember the session for, so I’m unclear if the feature requests are the same or subtly different.

I love the ability to quickly do rides in Zwift between other obligations, but having to reenter a password every few rides really defeats that. The default remember me password duration is too short IMO, I would like the ability to extend it.

Thanks and Zwift on!

fwiw, I had the impression that the remember me duration wasn’t based on time, but seems to re-require entry every time that a windows OS update occurs on your computer. ie. if you don’t do automatic updates, you won’t have to reenter your password until you do update. That’s my guess though, haven’t tested this out fully…

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That’s interesting, I’m not sure I’ve seen that experience exactly, but I will try to watch for it next time. I want to say that I’ve been logged out even without an update in between. That being said, other applications are able to persist session state across updates so from a user experience I would expect the Zwift “remember me” state to persist based on time duration.


I know you said you don’t have access to other PW managers, but do you mean just that you don’t want to access any other cloud-based services? Because you could get a local PW manager, something like Keepass. Free, small program, completely encrypted, and it would be right there on your laptop. And as I understand it, if you’re not doing anything else with that laptop–not using other cloud services, downloading shady software, etc–then using the clipboard to copy/paste the PW from the manager to Zwift isn’t a big deal. (Perfectly willing to be corrected by security experts there, but that’s what I’ve been told by security experts :slight_smile:)

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Yes, great point, sans better support within the app itself a fall back option would be just keeping the password local on the laptop and a copy/paste. Even a notepad.txt file on the desktop would be fine. :joy:



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I don’t want “custom extend”, I just want to not have to type the damn thing at all. Then again I have ended up memorizing my computer-generated 20-character alphabet soup already years ago from having to type it at least on a weekly basis.

On the plus side, in the past month or two, not every update has ended up with me getting logged off, unlike all of the dozen or so before that.

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