I just trained and got a problem with my curves.

The ERG is on, and I calibrated my HT just before the exercice.

I don’t understand why my curves are so ugly and why I don’t get rewards despite the fact that I respected the watts asked.

HI @Damien_Prevost

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We will need a bit more information. What trainer are you using.

When you do the training you need to keep your power in the required range to get the Star.

I wonder if this is the “workout pain effect”, does the screen get all blurry as you get close to the arch? If so, you can turn that off in the settings menu.

I think he is referring to graph as curve.

Hi guys,

I’m using a ELITE XRT home trainer.

What I mean is that my power isn’t stable even if I pedal at the same pace.

For exemple, when I’m in a rest zone (95w/kg), it sometimes goes over 130 or so…

is it paired as “controllable” on the pairing screen?

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And are you ‘chasing’ the watt target, as opposed to just keeping the same cadence and allowing the trainer to adjust the resistance?

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Yes, it’s set on “connected”