Current Route Display

Any possibility that the route you are on could be displayed in the right-hand menu (other riders around you) - I have drafted a couple of people and paced against them only to have them turn off because they are on a different route. This would help identify who is on the same route as you, rather than the same bit of road.

On longer routes you often can derive from the distance ridden whether a rider is on the same route or not. But this does not work well on shorter loops.

isn’t there enough clutter on that menu as it is

If the rider’s route were exposed in fan view that would be a way to share it without cluttering the riders nearby list. Keep in mind that not every rider is on a route, if they made a manual turn.


True, I just found it a bit frustrating. I’ve got round the problem by racing! - at least you know everyone is on the same route and is doing the same distance!