Current Pace Partner Weights

This has been asked a few times so I felt it was worth having its own post and stickied…

Anquetil - 65kg - 274w
Brevet - 81kg - 265w
Cadence - 65kg - 165w
Draft - 75kg - 161w
Disc - 75kg - 135w
Diesel - 81kg - 125w
Duster - 75kg - 86w

Blazer - 75kg - 285w
Chaser - 75kg - 225w
Drops - 75kg - 150w
Echelon - 75kg - 75w

'Cos I know you love discussing their names :wink: , why is D Draft named “Danny” in-game and not “Dani” if her name is Daniela?

Also, well done to the designers for creating an environment in Titan’s Grove which induces the same motion sickness I feel in cars if not the driver!

Keep up the good work!

Ha, I didn’t choose the (Danny) name, but decided she should be female and gave her the “longer” name of Daniela.

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