Current Known Issues (August 10, 2018)

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #1

Here is the list of current issues for the Android Beta:

  • For trainers that transmit power and cadence, cadence is approximated
  • Trainer resistance is not reliable across all trainers
  • Trainer spin-down not yet supported
  • In-game screenshots not yet supported
  • Some heart-rate monitors may not work
  • ANT+ not officially supported yet, so you may run into issues
  • BLE may not be working as intended with some devices. Working on a more concrete list. 
  • Entering text may require 2 taps in the text field to activate keyboard
  • You can currently only send 1 Log file at a time
  • Your Zwift app may change internal clock to a future or past date, affecting Activities and Training Plans
  • Android can’t download group workouts, so no credit is given for Zwift Academy for group workouts at the moment
  • No Cadence is outputted when paired to any footpod