Current Issues with Elite Direto Trainers

Mine is doing weird things too, from showing - - as my current power, to stay fixed in a random watt number for minutes… it happened to me twice since last Sunday in the MAAP events.

Zwift is not usable this way

Hi all. I have been using my Elite Direto for the last 2 years with Zwift. No problem. I took a break for the past 6 months. When I got back to it 2 weeks ago, the problem started. Jumping cadence and Power. Impossible to use Zwift. Interestingly, the problem happens also with Rouvy. However, with the Elite app, no problem. Works well with FulGaz as well. If someone find a solution, please let me know!!!

Hi Zwift Team - yes I have a problem with fluctuating Power and Cadence whenever in a Workout. No problems when group or free riding. Would be good to get a fix? Thanks.

I have a post on here which I previously documented my issues with my Elite Direto XR (purchases Sept 2020), and when using Zwift.
Zwift and Elite both tried to help, and although my trainer originally seemed to work properly with the Elite app, it now seems to suffer from increased resistance.

After many months of tech support with Zwift it was felt that the Apple TV was the issue as my issues seemed to disappear when I took my trainer to a friends house and used it under my login on their Mac.

However, now I have a new Apple TV 4K, the issues are still there. Not as bad, but the resistance does not change correctly in the change of gradient.

Really naffed off that an £800 trainer is near useless after just over a year of (not even constant) use.

Look at the glass half full option… it’s really your $150 Apple TV that’s useless. :wink:

Honestly with the somewhat extensive amount of known AppleTV idiosyncracies, I don’t really understand opting to use that platform.

Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of the Apple TV issues (I don’t live on the internet :rofl: ).

However; having experienced the same issues with an iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and Microsoft Surface laptop, I’d argue that the AppleTv probably isn’t at fault.
I’ve put a support ticket in with Elite today so will see what they have to say.

Hey Zwifters,

Having some real issues with my Elite Direto X trainer at the moment and hoped somebody may be able to help out!

I bought the trainer in 2020 and it has worked almost perfectly since. The occasional drop-out/erg mode issue, but these were all resolved using these forums/better internet connection etc. However, today when riding zwift I immediately got the error message “either you’ve missed your calling as a pro cyclist or your equipment is not set up properly” and knew something was up. Keeping cadence constant, the power and cadence values on zwift fluctuate massively, going from 70W and 23rpm to 2000W and 230rpm in seconds. I then calibrated the trainer through zwift several times, but the issue persisted.

I downloaded the elite mytrainer and Upgrado apps, but it said the firmare and software was all up to date, so I’m not sure where to go from here! Any advice or instructions on how to solve the problem would be massively appreciated!!!

Try to calibrate the Direto with the Elite MyEtraining app (it’s hidden in the “settings“ menu). Calibrating it with the Zwift app doesn’t really work.

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by chance you keep the trainer in a cold place with humidity? the same thing happened to me because I kept the trainer in a damp garage and the condensation was created on the optical sensor, it was enough to keep it for a few days in a dry place and I had solved.


Will definitely give this a go, thank you very much!