CT still not working

(Andy Singer) #1

I see that a change was pushed 9 days ago and reported as solved for the CT getting recognized, but not having any power in the race. I am still having this issue. At first I had trouble getting the CT to be recognized, when it was on comm port 15, but after uninstalling and reinstalling the USB driver, it is now on comm port 5 and is recognized, however when I start the race, i get nothing, no power, no start, nothing. any ideas what I need to do to get the same fix others have had?

(Josh Sakofsky) #2

does the CT go back into calibration mode when you start the software? fix is to stay in the software, hit the a key and re-select the CT as your power device. seems to have worked on mac clients, give it a go.

(Micah Roberts) #3

I’m having the same problem. One thing I am concerned about is that I have a faily old computrainer with an older firmware chip. I’m wondering if I will need to do an upgrade…