Crow Road Climbing Portal Finish - Where is it?

Hi all,

I completed the Crow Road Climbing Portal today but I am so confused.

The description for the route says the distance is 14.6km. See attached image.

However, to complete the route one needs to ride 22km. See attached image.

Can someone please explain why Zwift make something so easy so confusing. These Climbing portals are a nice idea but implementing them is really poor.

It’s at the top.

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Thanks James.

So just finishing at the top and stopping my ride will add to my total of Climb Portal climbs in order to obtain the badge?

Yes, correct.

But you definitely want the downhill :slight_smile:

I rode this a couple times. The finish on the progress bar is unlike the others that were available prior to this route. The others had a short lead-in and some distance at the bottom leaving the portal. This new route is much longer and seemed to direct back into the portal a second time, long before the progress bar completed.

Using ATV and up-to-date on game updates.