Cross-interference Between Two Suito Trainers

Hi all - My husband and I each use an Elite Suito trainer. Our trainers are set up next to each other in the same room and we randomly have issues with cross-interference (i.e., My husband is riding a certain route and I suddenly find myself climbing when I should be descending. I look over and he is climbing. I seem to be riding his route instead of my own.). This problem will go on for the full ride and only ends when he exits Zwift. It’s an ongoing issue and very frustrating. Any fixes to suggest? I hope I am explaining this issue accurately. Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello Julie.

It could be useful if you’d provide a few more details of your setup such as what devices you’re running Zwift on, your wifi network type (mesh net versus non), ensuring you’re running current firmware on the Suitos, current versions of Zwift and Companion App, and what other sensors you’re using.

In the absence of further info, I’d suggest connecting one of the Suito trainers via ANT+ (if you’re running Zwift on a PC) and the other one via Bluetooth.

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Do you connect via ant+?

it sounds like you may have both paired the same trainer as controllable.

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Julie - this was my thought as well.

So next time you’ve got the pairing done, go into the pair screen and make sure that you don’t have his trainer in any of the screens, esp. the controllable. My Suito has a number behind, which I presume is distinct, so you should be able to see by that. Make sure you’ve paired to your Suito (on all 3 fields) and not his.

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It might also help to check that both trainers aren’t found in knowndevices.xml which might be the case if the other trainer was ever paired to the “wrong” computer. However I wouldn’t have expected it to switch the paired device without going to the pairing screen (?)

You could also remove knowndevices.xml and redo the pairing while only one computer and one trainer are on. Then repeat with the other computer and trainer after shutting off the first trainer.