Critical Power Graph Historical data bug

I notice the Critical Power Graph showing incomplete and misaligned data in a race last night.
Some of the data seems to be shifted 10 seconds to the right compared to my data.
The data seems to be “steppy” as well for example it show the same power from 1:30 to 1:50.

I looked back through my streams and notice this has been an issue since December 15th which was when Game Update 1.32 [December 2022] was released. I’ve attached a screenshot to show the difference before and after.

You can see the data is a lot more granular on the left (before the update)

I’ve looked at it a bit closer and the data seems to be right it’s just zwift doesn’t have data for every second. So if you look at you 60 second power it’s correct but if you look at your 59 second power it will show your 50 second power.

It previously had data for every second.

This would be fine, but it would be better if the cursor snapped to the nearest actual data point. My 50s power is quite different from my 59s.