(Nate Robinson ZTR (C) USAC288972) #1

Just got on the island last night and was blown away with the possibilities. It seems to me like crits would not be out of the question. The main issue would be, how do you move around the field and sit in, given that even at the NCC effort it’s not all sprinting all the time. My idea would be to incorporate some sort of Dance Dance Revolution style scrolling power target (or some other test of mental coordination at high intensity) so that if you hit the right numbers you ‘move up’ and hitting wrong numbers makes you ‘move back’ with tactical coast periods for ‘combos’. Of course when in certain positions you could sprint to ‘attack’ or purposely miss numbers to keep yourself off the front.

Example: downhill corner into an uphill. The scrolling power would be low going into the corner, maybe even 0, but after the apex there would be a surge that you need to meet in order to ‘move up’.