Crit City

Loved it!

While it doesn’t have any automatic braking that I noticed, the rollers in the short dirt section presented opportunity to hurt people. (was it dirt? I thought it was) Short laps meant were great psychologically for me as progress was clear and I could mentally tick them off and count down to the end of the race more easily than I can just based on distance.

An 8 lap race was a mere 22 minutes for me - short enough to go hard (for me) and not worry about having to suffer for too long. Although I was recently downgraded to cat C, I finished in the top half of the B race I entered. (in Zwift itself, anyway - just in the bottom half on ZP)

More of these please, Zwift.

I loved it as well!!
The bump is right. Nerfing the corners is worth a try, but let’d not do too much with perfection. Best part: separating the categories!!! As a B rider, it is so frustrating trying to decide when to leave the A group after the start. There are just so many B riders who are either outright cheaters or (more likely) really A riders but just can’t stand losing, so they make themselves B riders and then they go over category limits. As it was, I finished 8th on Zwift and 4th on Zwift Power, and I thought that that was an improvement!!!

I think a really really basic thing Zwift can do is make it a requirement to have a HR monitor for the crit races.

But I do not want to complain too much over what I see is an awesome addition to Zwift racing. More “short” courses like this please!! They are so much fun.

Ok to be honest I did not think I will like it.

It was a very hard but good race. Those bumps just hit you every lap.

I did not contest the sprint because I did not believe the distance to go, but it was correct. On the map it looked father, but we were going so fast I misjudged it.

Good job.

I think the map vertical scale could be adjusted, so that it exaggerate the profile.