Crit City and Slower Turns

This is a “problem” with Zwift in general. Zwift replicates straight road and gentle curves just fine. Zwift replicates climbing and course profile changes perfect well also.

Zwift does not replicate tight turns at all. IRL in a course that has tight turns a racer must slow down and re-accelerate. There is no way to replicate the actual cornering skill part on an indoor trainer. At least no way I know of. The fitness required for a course with several tight corners is different. Crit races by nature have more surges/power spikes. Power may be just below threshold before a corner have a couple seconds of coasting and then a surge out. If Zwift could slow the rider down in a realistic manner racers will get used to this, stop pedaling to save those precious couple of seconds and coast the re-accelerate. This adds up real quick on shorter courses with a few tight corners. How many anerobic surges can you handle? How quickly do you recover from hard efforts? Lap after lap the surges even if brief really add up.

I would think this could be programmed one way or another. Accurate entry speeds and corner speeds should be easy to determine and could be based on the radius of the turn. Tight radius is slower speed than big radius speeds.

Super bonus points if your position also gave better corner speeds. Crit racers will at critical times work very hard to be on the front the have the best most efficient line through a corner in order to carry max speed. Often times if the tight corner is not too far from the finish the final sprint is to the last corner. If Zwift allowed first through the corner a 1-2mph cornering speed advantage over following riders, or maybe first 3 riders… that would be cool.

These crit races are very different from road racing and time trials. Time trial is all about constant steady state power and perfect pacing is a real skill there. Almost the exact opposite of a surging crit race. They require different training and use different energy systems.

There’s the Watopia volcano circuit and New York has LaGuardia loop.

Here’s the full list from Zwift:
Short circuit courses include:

I like this phrase Joe. I’ve enjoyed my visits to Crit City A dedicated race course was a really good idea and offers something (a bit) different as you say

I am curious to see how the slowing effect would translate through the trainer.

IRL you’d probably be coasting at that point and anyway we’re talking about maybe max 10 or 15 seconds so I think a decreasing maximum speed curve for approaching the turn should be enough. (I would like to get resistance feedback for drafting, though…)

There seems to be feedback in drafting if you go from the front to the middle of the pack.