Creating Zwift Meetups with Zoom

I’m really enjoying Zwift but don’t know very many friends that are familiar with it. The group rides are great but still too impersonal. I’ve recently thought it would be great to combine Zwift with Zoom - wondering if anyone else is doing this - would love to give it a try.

Some groups use discord. That’s audio only but you might give that a go. I’ve never had much success or interest in it to be honest.

ZwiftInsider did an article on this recently.

Facebook Messenger seemed to be Eric’s front runner.

I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve currently no way of standing a phone camera up where I Zwift, but would probably give it a go otherwise.

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FYI Zoom is being sued by it’s own share holders due to how insecure the app is, its blatant lying about encryption and sending data to questionable Chinese servers.

I would suggest giving discord a try, it can be a lot of fun. I don’t think the video chat add much.