Creating a private group workout

(Tom Hughes) #1

Hello all,

Sorry if this has already been asked but I cannot see anywhere how to create a private or public group workout, am I right in thinking I can create a workout and friends can join my session and load my personally created workout?

Many thanks

(Josie) #2

Hi Tom,

There is currently no way to create a private group workout. If you are interested in organizing a public group workout, you can contact

You can create a workout, and share that with your friends. You can create the workout in-game, and it will be saved in your Documents/Zwift/Workouts folder. Send that .zwo file to your friends, and they can import it to their workouts. More information on importing can be found here.

(🚁💨 C:\WATTS\CHOPPA.EXE [ CWA ] 🎉🍾🥂) #3

Private group/race/event module would be an incredible addition, ie. I can challenge a rider (or riders) to a duel and settle it once and for all.  Most online games have the ability to create a lobby and invite users; I would only suggest that these user-created events not be listed on the existing event module, as I’m certain the regular branded events as we currently know would be flooded out by user created events, and we wouldn’t want the rider base of regular events diluted by an influx of events.

Most importantly I think, the private module would also allow live events (ie. CVR and E-Crit Series) to select their route and invite key riders so as not to have any uninvited riders disrupt the race.

(Tom Hughes) #4

Let’s hope they make this happen, it would be a great addition to be able to have private workouts!! 

(Gregory Rehm) #5

Piling on!  Want this!  My club is starting to ride more in Zwift.  If we could do a FTP or W/KG adjusted workout together on stinky winter weather days, that would excellent.  It could even be as simple as the join a ride feature.  If the first rider starts a workout and others could “Join” in the same manner.  Hope you all can make that happen.  Thanks for all you do.

(Mathew Bittleston) #6

Yes, great idea!

(Nick Adams (B)) #7

A private workout group sounds like a good idea, but in practice, how would it be different than creating a public workout group that you get your club to join? Sure others might hop into the group with you, but how would that effect your workout? I notice that the “Salt Lake Tri Club” has public group workouts–it’d be interesting to know how they feel about non-club members joining their group. Seems like a great way to advertise your club to the world…

But maybe you want private workouts it because you have proprietary workout plans and want to make them exclusive to paying members, or maybe you don’t like riding in groups and seeing messages popup from people you don’t know. Anyway, I’m interested to hear your thoughts…

(Chad (TotalCyclist Coach) Andrews) #8

This would be an amazing feature and would love to hear about updates on this…

(Chad (TotalCyclist Coach) Andrews) #9



Yes…private workouts with proprietary workout plans. We have coached athletes around the world and training centers we would like to administer this concept to.



(Brad Carvey) #10


I like the idea of private workouts with proprietary workout plans.

There is a cycling studio starting soon in my town, that I believe will be using custom Zwift workouts and group rides.  Currently, people could create Zwift accounts and ride with them for free.  I would also like to have an audio mode, especially for coaches, so they can talk to the riders during a workout.