Create Plan road from sketchup

How do you import a path you created yourself from Sketchup into Zwift? please , give me solution

You can’t.

Hi @Rahma_Dani, welcome to the forums!
I’m Fernanda from Zwift.

Let me help you with this matter! I want to let you know that the SketchUp platform is not under the third-party platforms that Zwift supports at this time.

But you can check our supported platforms that can be used to enjoy with the Zwift game!

More importantly, keep your enthusiasm for riding to a higher level!

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I thank you in advance for your reply Apart from that, is there another way to enter your own traffic? or how to enter the path we created ourselves into zwift maybe from maybe from the fbx collada or 3d object file type

yes mr, i can’t , I want to create my own traffic which will later be entered into Zwifft
give me solution mr? please

Sorry, there is no way to do that on Zwift.

give me a solution?, is there a way to enter the route into zwift using the route we created ourselves, not the route available in swift itself

No. It is simply not possible.

thank you mr m i try check supported platforms

You can build routes using the existing starting points, roads, and intersections in Zwift using RoadCaptain (if you have a PC). This is not the same as designing your own roads. It is like manual navigation on a free ride in the Zwift worlds except the turns are made for you by RoadCaptain.

None of the “supported platforms” will do what you are asking for.