Create New Worlds

Create New Worlds

In the future, can the developers build a method for importing user-created worlds to ride in?

My brother is a triathlon nerd who does his cycling training indoors during the winter.

He really enjoys swift. However, he did complain that there are only a few worlds to choose from. I’ve seen similar complaints on this forum, as well as requests for new worlds (Not that the existing worlds aren’t gorgeous).

I am an animator.

I love to 3D model environments. To build my own worlds for Zwift and share them with my brother to ride through would be amazing. We live on different continents and it would be a really cool way to experience something in virtual space together.

Especially after seeing this thriving forum cummunity, I feel pretty confident that Zwifters would embrace a world-creating opportunity and world-sharing ecosystem.

I hope to see this option in the future!