Create new non ABCDE cat tags

There are many races that doesn’t follow the standard CE, A,B,C,D limits. Zwift should have new labels to easily identify these races are not using the CE limits. When everything even non CE races uses A,B,C,D people auto select what they assume is their cat only to be wrong and throws races off. Look at Chasing Tour, it suppose to be ranked via Zwift Racing vELO, but you have riders at 1600 score joining races that are between silver-gold.

I agree with the concept. People should look at their options for entering a race pen independently of their category. Or perhaps the concept of categories is just not useful at all once all manner of custom pens exist. CE now allows custom pens but riders are perpetually confused about which pen to enter when it differs from what they think of as their category. If a rider looks at ZwiftPower or their profile and sees that their pace group is D, they’re typically going to seek out the D pen even if that’s completely wrong. Having pens labeled 1-10 would be nice even if the category system is retained. It would force people to figure out where they belong in a particular race.

Chasing Tour has locked entry from Race 1 because it’s a yearly run Series…so you had plenty of riders out of cat limits for the majority of the season. It’s how they decided the rules.
I’m not a fan of that but NEW riders that join are pretty much racing with stronger riders.