Create Custom Routes and Worlds

It would be nice if we could create our own worlds and routes in existing worlds. Here’s how it would work: 1. Make Route on Strava (or whatever people use) and download the GPX File. 2. Go to ZC, click more, and click routes. 3. This will bring you to a dashboard that says at top: Community, My Routes, My Worlds. (1) Community would allow you to view the communities routes (2) Create New Route allows you to create a new route in an existing world (including custom worlds) and (3) Create New World allows you to start your own world. 4. For New Route: Go to CNR and create new route from existing world (including yours) and it will bring you to the Zwift Route Builder and you can save them. 5. For New World: Go upload GPX File from whatever app you created your route in and ZC will use that route, download it, and put in the land (roads… whatever) and there you have a world (and it will also map out your route) to expand world, create new route on that 3rd party app and the game will realize that the route has more road in same world and expand. (you can also name your worlds/routes and Zwift will say NA to whatever’s bad and they’ll need to change it) 6. your worlds will be separated so you can click one of them and it will bring you to that world and all of its routes (just like what happens when you select a route to ride) and you can see all route details and you can click on a route in existing world (including yours) and it will map out it just like in preview) 7. This new feature will feature a personal world calendar and you can switch between the Zwift Calendar and Yours ( Zwift will randomize yours just like normal each month and the world selection will change based on the calendar your viewing. Notes: You would be able to add KOM and Sprint arches too and you would also be able to invite others for meetups and they can too.