Create a similar finish to Alpe D'Huez instead of this small, rocky loop on top


I would like to see a more similar and rewarding top of the Alpe D’Huez climb. Are there plans to improve that? It looks a bit bare and desolated there, while the real Alpe D’Huez is quite crowded and lively.

Side note: Great work by releasing this!



first, I thought it was fantasically done. the turn signs, the orange tents on dutch corner, the special map.

I was slightly disappointed that
a) it doesn’t go all the way to the actual stage finish line (the “KOM” banner in the TDF is at the tourism bureau at the bottom of town for political reasons)
b) the top is barren!

So mostly I agree. some buildings up there would be awesome. Hope that’s in the works and it just needed to be out for tour of watopia.

The road side scenery is a bit dead and uninspiring, strange swirling leaves, birds flying into cliff faces, the sound is non existent and the summit is cut short and one big anticlimax.  Im glad it exists but come on, please improve. 

I am puzzled why we turn left at the top of the climb rather than going straight ahead. By turning left you have to cross the oncoming traffic twice. If we went straight ahead there is no crossing of traffic.