Create a Meet up - Tour of Fire/Ice to alpe du zwift

Hi. If I create a meet up for Tour or Fire and Ice, will those in the group be able to access alpe du zwift? All riders are over level 20.

I cannot create a meet up from Road to Sky as it’s not an option. If I begin on Tour of Fire/Ice will it allow us access to alpe du zwift?

Thanks all!

As far as I know access to the Alpe is open once you are at level 12, but in a meetup it shouldn’t matter.

Strange that road to sky isn’t an option for creating a meetup…

EDIT: @shooj mentions it was removed recently due to some issues: see this thread

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I cant see why not, both those routes goes up the alpe, one just start a bit closer to the start of the climb.
This is From

Thank you, Mike

Thank you, Gerrie

Let us know how it worked, I think it can be a nice ride to do as a group.

Ya for sure. That’s the idea. I’ve got 4 others joining me. Will be disappointing if we can’t get to the alpe du zwift. I’ll msg here and let you know.

As a side note, this is my first meet up and I’m created the event. Question: will my speed be the determining group speed? Or will our speed be an average of all our speed?

Only if you select the option to “Keep Everyone Together” under customize your meetup, otherwize everyone will ride at their own speed.

Yes, I selected keep everyone together. My question is will everyone be moving at my pace or we will collectively move at a pace that is an average of all our speeds?

It will be an average of some sort, I’m not too sure how it works exactly but I have done a lot of meetups with Keep Everyone Together enabled and it seems to be an average.

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Good stuff. Appreciate the feedback. Blessings

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Sorry I misunderstood.

I agree with Mike, it is some average.

Hi Guys,

Like the others have said, I believe the keep everyone together feature averages out the speed of everyone, but I haven’t had much time to test this.

As for the Road to Sky being unavailable in meetups, we have disabled the Road to Sky and one of the Jungle Circuits for meetup’s as they were having issues with members being misrouted. You can still access the Alp from the Tour of Fire and Ice, or the Four Horsemen routes.

Ride On!


Hi team, I have some new Zwifters joining me on a Fire and Ice meetup tomorrow. Will they be stopped at the gate?
(I note the Alpe restriction is now Level 5 and above thanks to the overnight update but these guys are brand new to Zwift so <level 5).

I came upon this thread looking for a different answer.
But I believe any rider no matter the level can ride with you in a meetup or event that follows those restricted level routes

what I’m searching for is this:
If i have a friend that’s a coach and is level 9.
he sees the routes for himself, however when trying to create a Meetup he cant see tour of fire and ice.

Do you know of any rule that would hide the option from him?

Thanks Asaf. We did the meetup this morning and no issues with access.
I did note that right at the end once we had descended the Alpe and hit the Jungle Circuit the newbies were directed right while the Level 25+ riders were directed left.
To your question. Has your coach installed the latest update from 2 days ago as that is the one which reduced the access
requirements for the Alpe and Jungle Circuit from Level 11 to Level 5.


I´m trying to creat a meetup to clim Alpe but I can´t find any route under Watopia world that take us to Alpe.

Please help.


Use Tour of Fire and Ice, there was an issue with Road to Sky so it was removed from the meetup route list.

Hi Mike,

Tour of Fire and Ice does not appear on my menu…

If you select Watopia you should see it.

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