Crashing with MacOS 10.15 Catalina


Enabling access to my Documents folder in my Security and Privacy settings after upgrading to Mac 10.15 Catalina fixed the issue for me.

However, I strongly feel that this shouldn’t be required. There is no reason Zwift needs to be able to read all of my Documents. My Documents folder contains personal information, and I shouldn’t have to give Zwift access to it. Is there any way a different folder could be used? Downloads could be slightly better (but not much), but a directory that only Zwift has access to would be best. This is a notable security/privacy concern and degrades my trust in Zwift as a user.

Thank you for your consideration!


Has there been any movement on the fix for this? Im having the same problems.

I’m running latest version of Zwift on the Mac as well as the iPhone and my Mac is up to date. I’ve tried the suggested fix including turning it off/on again.



Same issue but only started happening in the last week - Ticket and crash report sent to Support - waiting on reply. Have installed latest version of Zwift, updated all my MaC Os and drivers accordingly, plus followed the details listed in this thread, still no joy as yet.