Crashing during game launch? [Windows] [November 2021] [1.19.0] [SOLVED]

Yes the same for me

Same problem here,can’t login after tonight’s update on Win 10, come on Zwift, sort it out !!

Same issue. Blue screen > Login > Login Successful > Crash, app closes, back to desktop. I’m running Win10

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Hi Shuji,
Same problem here, windows 8 laptop, intel(r) HD graphics, driver Also windows 10 desktop with graphics driver Hope you can help.

Just to save anyone else the time and heartache fresh install doesnt cure the problem.log in then crashes back desktop homescreen

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Gentleman thank you seems we windows 10 users all having same problem

To be clear, I’m not having any issues. I’m on Windows 10.


As soon as it says login successfull it crashes

Tried that no difference and script error still there

same problem here on two different setups, neither of which had issues before this update.

setup 1: windows 7, graphics adapter Intel HD graphics 4600, driver version

setup 2: windows 8, graphics adapter Intel HD graphics family, driver version

both are laptops.

oddly enough, I thought I’d add that both systems first reported a potential problem (being blocked by) with windows firewall and asked for access permission. that’s the first time ever that a firewall message has appeared. coincidence, I think not.


Yep, exactly that.

Exactly same log with me windows 10

Same problem with Win 8

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Same problem as others are reporting. The system, which was working perfectly before the update, now crashes immediately after a successful login.

Just updated. Went to start program and when it got to “login page” the program quit.
Rebooted computer, still same problem.

Ho fatto aggiornamento dopo installazione tenta di aprirsi ma si blocca

Appena aggiornato. È andato ad avviare il programma e quando è arrivato alla “pagina di accesso” il programma si è chiuso.
Computer riavviato, sempre lo stesso problema.
Stesso problema segnalato da altri. Il sistema, che funzionava perfettamente prima dell’aggiornamento, ora si blocca subito dopo un login riuscito.

Aggiornamento appena installato. Ora Zwift è inutile. Il programma si blocca dopo la schermata “Accesso riuscito”. Windows 10.