Crashing during game launch? [Windows] [November 2021] [1.19.0] [SOLVED]

We’re seeing reports of Zwift crashing DURING LAUNCH (i.e. not once you’ve reached the pairing or world & route selection screens). If you’re experiencing this after updating to game version 1.19.0 released on November 18, please tell us:

  • What OS platform are you using to run the game app (i.e. Windows10, tvOS, etc)
  • Graphics card model installed in your computer
  • Graphics driver version installed

If using Windows - this article shows you how to find your GPU and driver info


I cannot get past the login following the update - just stops and then closes.
Using old Windows 7 laptop with no issues experienced before the update…

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Just installed update. Now Zwift is useless. Program crashes after “Login Successful” screen. Windows 10.


Toshiba laptop
Intel(R) HD Graphics
Driver Version:
Windows 10

My windows desktop version keeps crashing after today’s update. Reach the login screen and then closes down.
Anyone else had this experience
Use windows 10

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Yes same for me

I have the same problem with WIN10.
Probably the same issue as this topic?
Zwift exits abruptly after displaying “logging on”

It doesn’t look like a login issue.
Seems to crash just as the login screen appears

Same here useless log in then crashes 12hrs for a fix or im gone give my money to someone else


after the update is applied the application stops working

[19:15:18] Log Time: 19:15:18 2021-11-18

[19:15:18] Game Version: 1.0.100118

[19:15:18] Config: Shipping

[19:15:18] Device: PC

[19:15:18] Launcher Version : 1.0.52

last log entries

[19:15:47] NETWORK:error (6) sending player state

[19:15:47] NETWORK:error (6) sending player state

[19:15:49] NETWORK:Got the list of worlds

[19:15:49] Experiment service disabled assert abort

[19:15:49] ERROR: ZwiftApp Crashed

Now I have the same problem again.
Does anyone have the same problem?

Yes, same crash and log file here…

Same thing. Win8

Im getting windows defender error crashes out of log in screen

Windows 10 here, with Intel(R) HD Graphics Family

Installed the app on my Samsung Galaxy S7, but it crashes as well.

Ditto. Win8

Just installed update. Same as others. Program crashes after screen announcing “Login Successful”. Windows 10.

Yes the same for me

Same problem here,can’t login after tonight’s update on Win 10, come on Zwift, sort it out !!