Crashing after upgrade

Thanks in advance for the help…

I rode successfully on the Innsbruck course, however when transferred over to the world that held the 1st stage of the Garmin race my ipad crashed on 3 successive occasions. Once it had started i decided to see if it would crash when entering another race (Crit Series), which it didnt.

Did anyone else encounter any faults at the start of the Garmin race? Any ideas would be appreciated…


had exactly the same issue yesterday - as soon as I transferred to the Garmin ride it crashed, crashed again and one more time - too late to join. Whenever I try to join big events, this seems an almost inevitable event. New laptop request likely to fall on deaf ears! - iPad Air 12.4.8


Thanks Jim, glad to know I’m not the only one. I thought I was having more success when I attempted it again yesterday, however after 30 seconds in the world, it crashed again!

Same issue using my iPhone 6S. App works great unless I try to join an event namely the Garmin ones this week. Sometimes I make it to the corral, but it’ll crash within a minute and always before the event starts. Started trying to join early today. Joined 5 times but crashed out quickly each time right after joining the corral.