(Angry AltfFour) #1

I was using an Nvidia 8800 gt, looked poor so I swapped in an ATI 4850 which should be an upgrade, scrubbed the drivers. did a clean install of 12.1 drivers. Tried 13.1, 13.9 and some hotfix drivers all ended with the video drivers shut down error.
Logs look good with only one error: GlSL log : Validation Warning! - sampler value g_DiffuseTex has not been set. Validation successful

I have one more video card available but I’d hate to use a ATI 280x in my workout room for my daily grind and thats it.

quad core q6600
4gig ram

test with BFG 8800gt works
Saphire 4850…crashes

(Sasawat Iammatavee) #2

Not sure if this would help.
When I was on ATI 4xxx, I cannot even start the game. So I have to upgrade my video card to meet their min requirement as AMD R5 (I use R7 though) and things seem to be ok now.

(Angry AltfFour) #3

swapped video card out…no all I need is my replacement garmin speed sensor and I’ll racing